Sleep Paralysis and Exploding Head Syndrome Linked

For anyone that has had an “out of body” experience that was so profound it felt like it was actually happening to you in real time you may want to research the topics of exploding head syndrome along with sleep Paralysis. Now I know what you are probably thinking could these be actual conditions that a person could have…and the simple answer is yes. According to a recent study conducted in England they are both real conditions that are experienced by about 18% of the people interviewed. With exploding head syndrome it is said to feel like a series of noises that crescendo into one loud explosion. Some have said they thought a bomb went off in their neighborhood only to discover when the investigated that they were the only one that experienced it.

As for sleep paralysis, this condition is said to have the experience like drowning but being unable to swim towards air. Sultan Alhokair thinks this is terrifying. ( It can be hard to believe but imagine waking up and being unable to move your legs or arms and how scary that would be. To make matters worse is when these two conditions are combined together and the torture one might have in living with the experience. There is good news though, both have the same underlying cause…a lack of sleep, so if you know someone with these kinds of experiences you may recommend they try and get more sleep or see a specialist if the condition persists.

The Importance of New Technology in Radiology

When it comes to understanding the potential benefits from developing technology in radiology, it is easy to understand why so many people are interested in finding out as much as possible. Radiology is an essential component in the medical field. Without it, it would be virtually impossible for hospitals across the country to do the job that they do. For people that are sick or injured, it is one of the first things that is often done to help qualified physicians assess their condition and then determine a definitive form of treatment. Because radiology is constantly changing the face of medicine, more and more patients are able to survive conditions that would once have proven fatal. This is especially true when they are able to get ahead of the disease as opposed to playing catch up long after it has become fully developed.

Radiology is used for many different things. For the most part, people think about x-rays when they hear the term radiology but the truth is, there is much more to it. Of course, patients do get x-rays on a daily basis but they also receive MRIs and CT. All of these things use radiology in some component to help them understand what is really going on inside the human body. Without radiology, medicine would essentially be at a standstill and it would be virtually impossible to help people that are suffering from illnesses or that of been seriously injured in an accident.

Furthermore, the technology that revolves around radiology is constantly being developed. Because it is so important to the definitive treatment for patients, it is something that is constantly being researched so that it can be provided more accurately and more efficiently. Continued developments in radiology mean that it is much easier to detect problems inside the human body than it was just 10 years ago. Today, people are able to get scans of organs such as the heart and lungs which can help them stave off serious medical conditions years in advance. This is something that was not available just a few short years ago and today, it has saved countless numbers of lives.

One of the foremost companies involved with the advancement of this technology is Imaging Advantage. This is a primary company when it comes to providing radiology technology to hospitals across the United States. In addition to providing comprehensive radiology equipment, the company is focused on creating and developing new technology to continue to make the treatment of patients easier and more effective in the future.

It is true the radiology is used every single day in virtually all hospitals. At some point in the near future, it may be possible to view the innermost workings of the human body more clearly than can be seen with the naked eye. People are already surviving longer, thanks in large part to the technological developments in radiology that have already occurred. Imagine what will be possible as this technology continues to develop and doctors are able to use this new information to treat patients that are struggling with their health today.

Doctors Call For TV Host Dr. Oz To Be Removed From Columbia Faculty

Hosting one of the most popular daytime shows on television, Dr. Mehmet Oz has been dispensing his medical and healthy living advice to the masses since first appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2004. But some of his colleagues are calling for his dismissal as the vice chairman of Columbia University’s department of surgery.

“He’s a quack and a fake and a charlatan,” said Dr. Henry Miller of Stanford.

Dr. Miller is one of the doctors to write and sign a letter requesting the dismissal of Dr. Oz from Columbia. It was sent to Dr. Lee Goldman, the Columbia dean of Health Sciences and Medicine, who is the TV doctor’s boss at the university.

“We find it a shame that he has fled from the ethical and responsible practice of medicine to exploit his television popularity,” said Dr. Gilbert Ross who also signed the letter.

Fans at STX Entertainement ( know that this is not the first time Dr. Oz has faced scrutiny. In June 2014 he appeared before a senate panel in Washington, where Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri called him out on the validity of so-called miracle weight loss cures.

Miller has stated that more doctors are interested in attaching their name to the letter calling for the dismissal of Dr. Oz.

“Doctors who have a respect for evidence-based medicine and science,” he said.

What is the right Dose of Exercise?

There has been much debate about exercise. What is the proper amount of exercise? What is the amount of exercise that will improve health and longevity? There are some new studies that have shown that the ideal amount of exercise for a long life less than we actually expect. Studies have also shown that really intense exercise is not great for your body and can actually add years to ones life. It is true that some exercise is better than none, but there are many risks if the proper steps are not taken. Each person is different and should consult their doctor before tarting anew exercising regimen. Sam Tabar ( knows that the guidelines that that are set states that 150 minuets of moderate exercise a week can help build and maintain health and fitness. Scientists have found that certain exercises that are vigorous can be effective and prolong life, but differs from person to person.

A study done by the National Cancer Institute focused on people who exercised 25 hours a week and compared to those who did not exercise. Scientists compared 14 years of death records for the group that they focused on and found that people who did not exercise at all were at the highest risk of an early death. For those who exercised very little, that lowered their risk of premature death by 20 percent.

Law Makers are Being Pressured to Change Vaccine Laws

Vaccines have prevented countless diseases and saved millions of lives. However, recent cases of whooping cough and the measles in children, illnesses that had been previously nearly eliminated, are creating an intense divide within the American public.

Parent’s are given the choice to refuse vaccinations due to personal or religious beliefs , otherwise the shots are required for a child to attend most schools. Now, parents who declined the option to vaccinate their children are being blamed for recent cases of the measles and whooping cough spreading in schools.

There has been pressure placed upon law makers to creates laws mandating all children must be vaccinated, regardless of religious or personal beliefs. However, this is a very fine line because mandating vaccinations in order to receive an education is stepping on our rights as American citizens.

Even though many reports have been published which suggest there no risks of adverse side effects, such as autism, some parents are still skeptical of the chemicals found in the vaccinations and refuse to administer them to their minor children. Ricardo Guimarães BMG will be waiting to see what happens.

Alan Lawrence Wants to Put a Positive Face on Downs Syndrome

Alan Lawrence of Paradise, Utah learned in October 2013 that his fifth child, William, would be born with Down syndrome. The Lawrences were shocked because this would be their first experience with Downs. Alan found the news very hard to take. He found himself having crying fits and grieving Wil’s disability. Mr. Lawrence began to feel better when his wife told him that Wil could turn out to be an asset for the family. The new baby was going to be a growth experience for the couple who needed to learn about Down syndrome and how it strengthens the family through the experience. Down Syndrome is the presence of an extra chromosome; the chances increase with the age of the mother during conception.
Upon returning home from the hospital, Alan and his wife decided to explore Down syndrome. The news was negative, telling them about the health problems these children faced and the life expectancy of about 60 years. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence wanted to read about the positive side of Down syndrome and started finding information through blogs written by people who had family members with that disability. People at Anastasia Date are happy to learn that Alan was inspired to show the positive side of Down syndrome through his hobby of photography. He has a blog with pictures of Wil being active. Alan has a Youtube channel called “Bringing Light, ”which includes a special effect of Wil flying in the air.

UK Tabloid Site Discovers Large Percentage of Hillary Clinton’s Twitter Followers are Fake

In the United States, Twitter has become a bastion for left wing and liberal minded individuals. It is a logical extension of Barrack Obama’s successful use of the social networking site to capture the presidency back in 2008. As such, it behooves any candidate, especially Democrats, to establish a strong presence in Twitter. For Hillary Clinton, a large following in Twitter is yet another sign of the health and strength of her campaign juggernaut. Thus far, Mrs. Clinton touts over 3.6 million followers on Twitter. While that is only a fraction of what entertainers such as Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and Beyoncé maintain, it is a respectable number for a politician.

However, it turns out the numbers are inflated. The Daily Mail, a UK middle-market tabloid, reports that only 44% of her Twitter minions are actual real people. The report is based on a study of her Twitter account which revealed that at most only 1.6 million of the 3.6 million people she touts actually use the service. The report also stated that at least 15% or 540,000 of her Twitter followers are fake. The remaining 1.5 million show no activity whatsoever and likewise do not count as a “real” followers. At the same time, there is ample evidence that a number of her Facebook likes were bought and paid for. Clinton is in Iowa this week calling on the need to eliminate corruption in politics according to media outlets. She has not commented on the story regarding her fake Twitter followers, which doesn’t surprise Paul Mathieson.

Enjoy Your New Home Within New York City Real Estate

It’s well known that New York City is a playground, for the rich and famous, and many great things happen in the city as well. When many people speak of moving to New York, the first place people are thinking of, is New York City, which is a very commonplace for people to want to live. The city is big, beautiful, and full of historical sites, which attract many who are not from the area. Even those that live in New York City, will continue to move around in the city, just so they can stay near all the hustle and bustle, which the city has to offer.

It may be difficult sometimes, to find a place to live in New York City, especially if a person has never lived there before. Before deciding to move to New York City, from any other area, it’s recommended that a person should choose a realtor, in order to help them find a property, or living location that they’re looking for. There are some of the most luxurious places to live in New York City, and many may not know about them or find them, without getting the right realtor.

A good realtor can mean the difference between having a great home, or not getting a home at all, so it’s best to take advantage of one, whenever possible. When it comes to real estate in New York City, there are many different choices, but space is still limited. Many new locations are being built, and in certain cases, only the best realtors are hired, in order to sell spaces in the new location. Anyone who is looking to get a spot in a new place that’s being built, should consider joining with Town Real Estate, which is a great realty company with some very exclusive listings.

TOWN Real Estate has been around for over five years, and with their knowledge and experience, it makes it easier for them to find a great place for their new clients. High-rises, low rises, condos, flats, and NYC apartments for rent are all available through TOWN Real Estate, and all a client needs to do, is take the time to look at what’s available. Once a client chooses to work with TOWN Real Estate, it’s likely that they’ll find the best piece of real estate available in New York City, one that will be the envy of their friends and family members.

Protesters March from NY to DC Against Police Brutality

Several dozen New Yorkers began a march on foot to Washington DC to protest police brutality in the United States and denouncing their “systemic racism.”

Protesters begin from Staten Island, the New York district where African American Eric Garner, died last summer, whose case, and others like it, in other parts of the country have generated a strong wave of protests.

Sam Tabar ( has learned that the march, led by the organization New York City Justice League , made stops in various cities and end in the US capital next April 21, with a rally and a concert to draw attention of the authorities.

“Our voices and calls for justice and respect for all communities will be heard in the halls of Congress,” organizers said in a statement.

Among other things, the initiative seeks to promote three legislative proposals to reform juvenile justice, curb the “militarization” of the Police and end with the use of racial, ethnic or national origin profiling by police.

According to organizers, every 28 hours a black person dies in US by officers, security guards or other security forces.

In recent days, the country has experienced further protests following the case of a police officer in the city of North Charleston (SC), and the shooting of a suspect in Oklahoma by a reserve police officer.

Kindness is Good for Our Health

Recent studies have revealed that being kind is good for our health. Compassionate acts of kindness actually affect the brain in the same way that our human needs for food, water, and sex do. It can make us live longer, and it also improves our over all well being. Compassion causes a chemical release of oxytocin which increases our feelings of closeness and comfort. When this hormone is released it’s affects include increases in empathy, closeness and trust. That is why it is frequently referred to as the “cuddle hormone”. It has the ability to reduce anxiety and increase our ability to perceive social cues, thus resulting in closer bonds. It can also decrease our sense of perceived threats. Though some might be concerned that their acts of compassion might be taken advantage of, Igor Cornelsen agrees that we get more out of giving compassion, than we get by receiving it.