George Soros 6-Step Plan End the Asylum Crisis in the European Union

George Soros is known for his financial estimates and predictions and has a reputation for making accurate predictions and is a self-made billionaire. The financier has several ties to economic strategies and development. He is the chair of the Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundations. Soros has retired from the day-to-day operations of his fund and is now focused on his foundations and philanthropy.

A longtime supporter of liberal causes, George Soros has pledged $13 million to help Clinton and other Democrats this year. Soros’ importance to Clinton goes beyond the checks he writes; the man commands enormous influence with other major Democratic donors.

Marketwatch recently published an article on Mr. Soros presenting a six-step plan that if implemented will solve the European asylum chaos. Here are the six components of a comprehensive plan.

1.The European Union should provide 15,000 euros ($16,800) for each asylum-seeker to help them for the first two years to help cover health-care, education and housing costs.
2. The European Union must make arrangements to provide financing to Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey to care for their four million refugees.

3. A single European Union Asylum and Migration Agency must be built as quickly as possible.

4. Asylum-seekers must have travel safely to get to their destination countries, thereby reducing the number of migrants who cross via the Mediterranean.

5. Global standards must be set up for the treatment of asylum-seekers and migrants.

6. The European Union must mobilize the private sector in order to accommodate and integrate more than a million migrant and asylum seekers.
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George Soros says the migration that happened with war-torn Syria is now a political crisis and is in need of a safely organized way to manage this mass movement of humanity and believes the European Union should create a common asylum policy. He feels that the European Union should come up with an asylum policy that will end human suffering and the panic that is unnecessary which has spread across much of Europe.

Soros’s Quantum Investment Fund claims to be the world’s most profitable. 
He has donated millions to various charitable foundations, most of it to help Eastern Europe. In the l980s Soros moved into charitable giving, he said he had more than enough to live on. By the 1990s, he was donating over $300m a year more than the US government to provide more aid for some countries.

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The Tower of David Remains Vacant

In the center of Caracas, Venezuela, stands an interesting skyscraper with a twisted past and an unknown future. It could stand as a symbol of the country’s current economic problems, but Torre de David’s issues go back 20 years, as told by an article in The Daily Beast
In the late 980s a banking boom stimulated David Brillembourg, a banker with the Confinanzas Group, to build a complex of bank buildings to turn Caracas into a local version of a Wall Street-like financial center. The tower was intended to be part of an entire complex called Centro Financiero Confinanzas, as designed by Enrique Gomez.

Construction began in 1990. However, Brillembourg died in 1993, and, about the same time, the banking boom in Venezuela collapsed. There was no longer a market demand for a grand complex of banking and office buildings, and no more visionary to push for the project.

Construction therefore stopped in 1994 as revealed by The concrete core of the tower was completed, but only partially glassed in. So the building just stood there, empty, for many years. In 2001 the government tried to sell it, but got no takers. In 2007 squatters, 200 families, moved in even though the building had no electricity, water or services of any kind, including elevators. Despite that lack, eventually an estimated 5,000 people moved up and occupied the 28th floor of the building. It became famous the world as a vertical slum. Eventually, criminals moved in, brought bootleg electricity and water, and helped keep order along with dealing illegal drugs.

At one point, reportedly some of David’s Chinese investor friends planned to buy the building. The government evicted all the squatters to housing projects. However, now the building just stands empty again.

Sanjay Shah adds long time friends to Autism Rock’s as members on its Board of Trustees

Autism Rocks, based in London, is a charity organization that raises donations for autism research. PR Newswire reports that Autism Rocks has added Will and Pete Best as members on its Board of Trustees so they can help achieve all goals projected for the charity.

The founder, Sanjay Shah, started this organization in 2014 after being informed that his youngest son was diagnosed with this condition in 2011. Autism Rocks involves music to raise awareness, organizing music festivals that has featured many popular singers, and destine their donations to the Autism Research Trust (ART) based in Cambridge University. Autism is a disease found in 1 in every 68 children and affects mainly social and communication skills.

Sanjay Shah believes that the Best brothers’ experience will benefit the organization’s affairs, funds, events and also the administrative process. They will also have an active participation in the Board so they can accomplish Autism Rocks’ short and long term goals.

The Best brothers have demonstrated that their impeccable qualities will help understand the organization’s mechanism and will assist in the improvement of Autism Rocks. Pete Best, has experience in London’s financial sector for more than 21 years, and recently occupied the Chief Operating Officer at Icap. His brother, Will Best, has been involved in the music world for a long period of time, organizing music events in Manchester and was most recently working as a TV presenter hosting music. Shah thinks that their extensive knowledge in the financial and music areas will demonstrate that they are valuable assets for the organization.

Sanjay Shah, born in London, has lived with his family in Dubai since 2009. He has vast experience in the financial arena, but is also involved in real estate, publishing and hospitality. Working in several banks for many years, he decided to create Solo Capital in 2009, a boutique financial services house based in London with an estimated of 20 to 49 employees. Solo Capital’s main divisions are Investment Management, Securities Lending, Agency Brokerage, Principal Trading and also Safeguarding & Administration of Assets and Client Money.

Dr. Jennifer Walden, Author and Award Winning Surgeon

Today, people are more open about their sexuality, and the subject of sex. Plastic surgery has become ever so popular in today’s culture, as our society seems to put most of their focus on how they look. There are a few myths circulating about various procedures that are being performed on the vagina.

One myth is that men in our culture are the direct cause for more and more women opting for vaginal beautification procedures, but the truth is that women are taking it upon themselves to undergo noninvasive procedures to beautify their vaginas, along with the rest of their body.

Another myth entails women do not only want to look beautiful, they want to look pretty down there as well and are actively seeking procedures to beatify the appearance of their vaginas. Yes, women desire to look great all over!

The rumor is that men are the only ones concerned with the tightness of the vagina of their significant others. This is false because women are also seeking treatments to tighten their vagina after childbirth etc. Women are also drawn to the improved orgasmic pleasure that it will give them.

Dr. Jennifer Walden knows much about the subject as she is a leader, and she has extensive knowledge and experience in the plastic surgery field. In 2014, she was named by Harper’s Bazzar magazine as one of the top 24 best beauty surgeons in America. Starting out, she trained and worked alongside some of the top cosmetic surgeons in New York City, eventually starting her own firm in Manhattan. She then began practicing in Austin, Texas, her hometown.

Dr. Jennifer Walden was born in Austin, Texas, and was raised by a dentist father and a nurse mother in the Northwest Hills Neighborhood. She attended Anderson High School and went on to the University of Texas where she earned an undergraduate degree in biology. From there she graduated from medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch. She has two children and is also a published author, as well as a media darling, appearing on several national television programs.


Helane Morrison Making a Huge Impact

Helane Morrison is a woman that has dedicated her career to helping fix the corrupt business practices that go on each and every day in our society. The things that have gone on behind closed doors are absolutely horrendous in terms of business ethics, as fraudulent practices have become something of the norm. Helane saw what was going on and has made a direct impact when it comes to making businesses accountable for the fraud that they deal with all the time, as well as the massive amount of corruption that many companies operate under constantly.
There is no question that 2008 was a tough year for most people to go through, as the economy inevitably hit a point where it went through a horrendous period, but a lot of light was brought to the things that caused this problem. One of the biggest contributors to this economic problem was the way that the biggest companies in our country, as well as around the world were behaving on the daily basis. Because of this, many Americans decided that they had no reason to trust the bank and as a result, a lot of people went to the banks to pull out their money, which is eerily reminiscent to what happened in the great depression. When people can’t trust the banks, there is a huge problem, and Helane Morrison is one of the people that have been at the front lines when it comes to addressing the actual problems that lead to this disaster.
Equality in the work place is something that Helane has held high throughout her career as well, which is another problem that we have been facing on a massive scale, although there has not been enough attention brought to this topic. There has been a big difference when it comes to genders, in terms of overall representation in the work place, and Helane has made this a big part of her career as well. We are at a point in time where equality is a huge issue, and there are not too many people out there that can debate this fact. Helane Morrison is one of the people that is out there to fight for what is right in terms of business and equality and there is no question that the amazing work that she has been providing has made a great impact to our country, as well as the world.

Beneful Is Beneficial Thanks To Healthy Innovations

Beneful dog food has long had a reputation for being a brand that really understands dogs. The food is specifically formulated to help each and every pup achieve the healthiest lifestyle that they can. It’s hard for owners sometimes to decide which nutrition is best for their pets. That’s why they rely on brands that know how to come up with specific formulas.
Beneful has always been one of those brands. They offer a large variety of dog food. Therefore, a pet owner is sure to find one that suits their pets needs. Beneful has wet and dog food varieties depending on the individual needs of a dog. Those kinds also come in a variety of different flavors and textures. Even the pickiest eaters are sure to gobble up the Purinastore Beneful brand. Each and every bite is packed full of nutrients and wholesome ingredients which help a dog to thrive. There is a brand for puppies that need that added bit of energy. There is a brand for older dogs who need a food that is easy to digest on their systems.

All of this is part of the healthy innovations that dog food brands have been coming out with. Owners no longer want a generic, one size fits all type of dog food. They want food that is proven to specifically help their dog. The Daily Herald recently came out with an article that highlights the need for healthy innovations in dog food. It discusses the importance of fresh ingredients in dog food. Pets are much like people because they’re such an integral part of the family. Therefore, lots of people feel like there is no reason that they shouldn’t be eating anything less than the best. Therefore, by providing pets with real meats and vegetable sin each bite, they are getting food that is good for them.

Overall, Beneful and many other brands are truly trying to be as innovative as possible when it comes to dog food. They want owners to feel safe and secure when it comes to their choice in proper foods. Thanks to healthy innovations, Beneful is considered beneficial to all types of dogs.
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Lime Crime For The Unconventional Beauty

We live in a world where stick figures are in, where girls are told blond is beautiful, and be a nice cookie cutter girl. You look at the most popular stars like Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Julianne Hough. For every free spirit like Demi Lovato, there are 10 of those girls who think red lipstick is wild. What if you love to dye your hair blue or pink? Where do you go if you see your world in full color not just the pink and red lipstick world we live in? If you find yourself gravitating towards spikes and black leather or emulating Betty Paige, then you must check out Lime Crime.

Lime Crime is a makeup company that caters to the unconventional beauty. Girls that want to wear purple lipstick to match their purple hair or blue gloss to match their nails finally have a place to be themselves. Lime Crime’s makeup is totally vegan! Yes, that means there is actually an environmentally conscious, animal free, responsible makeup company out there that actually cares!

Lime Crime has many different lines of makeup to try. If you want your pout to pop, they have 3 unique lipstick options to choose from.

The Velvetines, which is a liquid that goes from wet to matte on contact. It’s inspired by rose petals and is just as soft when dry. It’s transfer and touch proof! Velvetines come in every color of the rainbow from blue to green to black and yes even pink and red!

There is also Perlees. It’s the classic tube lipstick with a twist! It has a pearlescent, metallic shine that lasts all day! It comes in 6 different shades.

Finally, Unicorn lipstick. It was the first offering from Lime Crime. Unicorn is an ultra pigmented, semi-gloss lipstick that comes in 7 colors.

Lime Crime is where the unconventional beauty goes to enhance her looks with makeup. You don’t have to be stuck in the box of normal hair color, pink or red lipstick, or mainstream looks. Feel free to be the individual you were meant to be with Lime Crime, and take a look at what fans are doing on Tumblr.

Keith Mann Introduces New Scholarships

2016 seems to have started on a high note for the Uncommon Schools. This is because of a recent announcement made by the founder of Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann. According to the CEO of this company, the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement will be introduced in the schools very soon. According to the philanthropist and educational activist, the new award will be mostly focused on appreciating young people who have shown the potential of becoming the leaders of the upcoming generation.

When making the announcement about the new introductions, Keith Mann also said that his institution will also be working in partnership with the Uncommon Schools, a non-profit making organization that is headquartered in the New York City. The two institutions will work closely to ensure that a student from the Uncommon Schools, who is graduating from senior school gets an opportunity to attend college for four years, and at the end of the day, acquire a degree.

The councilors and students from the Uncommon Charter High School are very excited about the new introduction. They understand just how much their institution will benefit from the new scholarship, and that’s why they have welcomed the new move with open arms. They have termed it as a generous move that will not only help the needy students but the community at large.

To qualify for the new scholarship, the students must be graduating from the Uncommon Charted High School. The students must also convince the judges by writing an essay containing one thousand words. In the essay, they should clearly indicate how the scholarship offered will help them in achieving their professional goals of the future.

The application was expected to start on February 29 and end on 31 March. According to Keith Mann, the scholarship will develop to help the students coming from the Uncommon Schools, who are from the needy families. Using the knowledge acquired in the college for four years, the students will be of great help to the community and also become good leaders of the coming generation. These beneficiaries can then help other people too in the future.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel Launched Operation Smile For Helpless Kids

Dr. Avi Weisfogel owner of Dental Sleep Masters, He attended Rutgers University and the New York University College of Dentistry.

Dr. Weisfogel is supporting a charity called Operation Go Smile, set for $2000. The charitable organization was started in 1982 by Bill and Kathy Magee in the Philippines. The organization has performed over 220,000 operations on children and young adults free of charge. They even do corrective surgeries on young adults born with cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial disfigurements. Weisfogel states that giving children whose parents cannot afford financially the surgery; this chance is the top priority of the campaign. Operation Smile feels that every child should be treated as our own children. Operation smile is made possible by local medical staff and facilities in partnership with governments and other organizations.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel started off his career in dentistry at Old Bridge Dental Care, located in his hometown, Old Bridge, new Jersey. He was recognized on numerous occasions as Best Dentist during his time at practice. Passionate about treating patients dealing with sleep disorders, he started in 2014 with two other dentists Dental Sleep Masters Seminars where he teaches a self-developed system that enables the dentist to work directly with medical professionals who treat patients suffering from sleep apnea. When properly implemented, the system connects these patients with the oral appliances that they need and the dentists who can skillfully build them. He teaches other dentists on how various oral devices can be used to ease sleep problems and the relationship between sleep problems and dental health.

Please visit Dr. Weisfogel’s GoFundMe campaign today and help the children of the world feel a little better about themselves. Dr. Weisfogel is a man on a mission. Through kind, generous donations like Dr. Weisfogel’s, Operation Smile is making the world a better place. All donations will go towards financing medical equipment, supplies, and resources to strengthen care services. Donate today and change a life – one smile at a time!

Follow Dr. Weisfogel on Twitter to stay up to date on his GoFundMe campaign.

The Huge App Success Of Talk Fusion’s Video Chat

Talk Fusion has recently developed and launched an app known as Video Chat. This is an amazing app that is allowing people to communicate all over the globe. In only a short time on the market it has already made its way to being the number one app of communication in Indonesia; the number five communication app in Japan; and ranks twentieth for communication apps in Switzerland. Because of the success of this app, it has made Talk Fusion’s Alex web ranking move up over 30,000 positions in the past ninety days!

With the success of Video Chat, Talk Fusion has now decided to give all of its upcoming apps a thirty day free trial. This will allow all of Talk Fusion’s customers to try out any app that Talk Fusion is behind completely free for the first thirty days. Talk Fusion is very confident that after customers try their products that they will love them. All of their apps are available on both iTunes and Google Play. With the thirty day free trial, all customers will receive full access to all Talk Fusion’s apps without the use of a credit card. They believe that the success that has been seen with Video Chat is only the beginning of Talk Fusion’s app success.

Talk Fusion is a global company that has been very successful in video communication and video marketing. Their equipment helps businesses communicate across the globe in an easy fashion. This in turn helps businesses grow and reach greater success. Talk Fusion has associates placed in over 140 countries that are able to personally introduce these products to their customers.
Talk Fusion was founded in 2007. They introduced the very first instant compensation plan. They have a very strict code of ethics that they treat with the highest regard. Talk Fusion also believes in giving back to the world that has helped them reach so much success. They participate in many charities ranging from community charities to animal charities all over the world. Talk Fusion is for anything that can create a positive difference in the world. The CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, has stated that because of his company’s greater success they carry a higher obligation to do more for the greater good of the globe.

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