Information About Finance

Finance can be defined as the science of money management. It deals with the allocation of assets as well as liabilities under conditions of uncertainty or certainty. Time value of money is an aspect of finance. It states that the purchasing power of one unit of a certain currency is dictated by time. Finance can be divided into private, corporate and public finance. Before we focus on the three subcategories, let’s focus on Brian Bonar.

About Brian Bonar
Brian Bonar has served as the director of the Dalrada Financial Corporation since 1995. He became the chairperson of the board of directors in 1999. He has also served in other positions in the corporation. For instance, he worked as the Director of Technology Sales from August 1992 to April 1994. Brian Bonar has also worked in other companies, for example, he was employed by IBM, U.K Ltd. for almost seventeen years.

Personal Finance
Personal finance involves paying for durable goods, education, saving for retirement, investing, and buying insurance. It may as well entail serving loans and debts. Personal financial planning may involve some of the following:

Financial position. It involves understating one’s resources by evaluating the net worth as well as household cash flow. The net worth of an individual entails balancing a balance sheet containing assets and liabilities.

Adequate protection. Adequate protection is the analysis of how to protect the unforeseen risks. The risks may be divided into disability, liability, death, property and health. Some of these perils are self-insurable while some will necessitate the purchase of an insurance policy.

Tax planning. Paying tax is an expense in every household’s balance sheet. Managing taxes goes beyond whether or not a person will pay but how, when and how much. Government incentives such as tax deductions go a long way in reducing the tax burden.

Investment. Most people consider financial planning to be the act of accumulating enough money for large purchases. The intentions of accumulating assets are, starting a business, saving for retirement, buying a car or a house and paying for education outflows.

Retirement planning. It entails understanding the cost of living in retirement and how to distribute assets to meet income shortfall. Retirement planning methods include taking advantage of existing government, employer, and personal structures.

Corporate Finance
Corporate finance envelops sources of funding and capital structures of a corporation. Above all, it is concerned with steps the managers take to increase the net worth of the firm.

Public Finance
It describes finance related to sovereign states, sub-national entities, and related public entities such as schools and hospitals.

Will This Earth Force GoFundMe Campaign Be Its Best Yet?

If you ask us, we think the answer just might be yes. Jon Urbana has recently launched a GoFundMe campaign to contribute money to Earth Force (up to $1,750), a nonprofit youth organization that strives to educate today’s younger generation and get them active in environment preservation. The campaign was launched last month with a target goal of $1750. The Head of Business Development for Ellipse USA, Urbana is turning to the online fundraising tool with some aggressive outreach through a @jonurbana1 Twitter handle in order to reach a broader audience and bring recognition to an important cause.

Earth Force Inc. is based out of Denver, Co., and works to make the environment a cleaner, better place. Urbana stated at that he wishes to support the organization directly, and through the campaign hopes to not just hit his fundraising goal, but also made a series of videos that spread awareness to others about Earth Force and their mission to make the world cleaner, greener and healthier.

Urbana is aware of the fact that today’s youth is heavily invested in social media and the web, so turning to his Websta, Instagram, and Imgur accounts to promote his campaign and new album is a tactic that he hopes will also inspire his fans on MTV and other people who haven’t heard his songs to learn about Earth Force and become passionate about their cause. The hope, per his own site, is that they all become active participants in their local neighborhoods and gain a broader understanding of the impact the environment has on the global community.

There’s more to the man than just this fundraiser. Jon has also been called out by the Federal Aviation Administration and added to their Airmen Database. The thought of getting into a small plane is scary, but not so much when Urbana’s at the helm.

With an athletic background that dates back to some impressive Villanova lacrosse play – Jon’s bio here, he used his experience there to train the next generation of aspiring athletes. Urbana is a cofounder of a lacrosse camp in Denver, where he’s gained extensive experience working with youth and understanding their desire to help make the world a better place. He’s written articles for The Verge and regularly appears on podcasts about business mastery.

Earth Force Inc. is an organization that enables the younger people of today to step up and make a difference, starting right in their own neighborhood.

Support Earth Force at Jon Urbana’s GoFundMe Campaign:

Brad Reifler and his vast Experience in Business

Brad Reifler is an American serial entrepreneur who is well known as the founder and chief executive officer of Forefront Capital. This is a global financial services firm that provides alternative investment management, capital marketing, and investment banking services. One of his major contributions at Forefront Capital is starting a public, non traded interval fund which is referred to as Forefront income trust. Unlike other funds, Forefront Income Trust aims at helping Middle Americans invest in products which were previously reserved for the accredited investors.

Reifler started the Forefront Income Trust after realizing that the middle class were largely excluded from investment opportunities since they were not accredited. Reifler believed that the middle class would benefit from high yield investments that incorporated tight risk management. This fund does not charge any management fee to the members and does not make money until the investor makes 8%. Reifler is confident that this initiative will help bridge the gap between accredited investors and the non-accredited investors.  He’d done other things like offering investment tips in the past.  But this was Brad’s time to really make a difference.

Reifler has a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science from Bowdoin College. He is a financial expert who has more than thirty years experience in business and investments. He started his independent career in 1982 when he started his first company known as Reifler Trading Corporation. This company focused on global derivatives and was so successful that Refco Inc. ended up acquiring the company in 2000.

His first company provided him with an opportunity to establish Pali Capital. Reifler was a co-founder of Pali Capital which was established in 1995. He served as its chairman and chief executive officer till 2008 as his bio outlines. Under his leadership, the company was able to employ over two hundred and fifty employees and make revenues worth over $200 million each year. He contributed to the company’s expansion from United States to opening new offices in Australia, United Kingdom, Latin America as well as Singapore. This was one of the greatest achievements of his career.

Reifler has recently provided a unique perspective on how everybody can get involved in the world of investing. Both accredited and non accredited investors have the opportunity to plan for their future as well as enjoy financial freedom. Reifler also serves on several corporate and advisory boards. He serves the chairman of Finance committee and a trustee of the Millbrook School. He also owns land in Millbrook which is used for ice skating among other recreational activities.

Brazilian Author Jaime Garcia Dias

James Garcia Dias is a Brazilian Author and well known painter, that has received numerous literary awards during his writing career. Writing has always been a passion for this literary giant. In fact, he has been writing since he was about fifteen years old. Certainly, he inherited his love and talent for writing from his father, Arnaldo Dias. The elder Dias was also a professional writer and journalist in their native country. His passion for literature hit him at a young age. Certainly, his love for literature led him to enroll in the University of Rio de Janeiro and study letters. He also taught at a school for five years.

Jaime Garcia Dias
The young Jaime Garcia Dias owed his strong roots in literature to his father, and he’s paid tribute on his blog many times. The talented father was a great inspiration to the younger Dais. It didn’t take long for the younger Dias to develop a driving passion that led him to pursue a literary career. His strong educational background at the University of Rio de Janeiro prepared him to enter the literary world. Here is something that is interesting to note. Jaime Garcia Dias had released about 10 books by the time that he was 30 years old. In 2001, he received his first literary award. The name of the very prestigious award was the White Crane. The White Crane is a well known literary award that is bestowed upon young literary talent in the country.

Other Awards
Jaime Garcia Dias is a talented writer that has achieved success in his endeavors. He is also the recipient of numerous literary awards. Here is something else that is interesting to note for his fans. The literary writer was honored on the 100th anniversary of the Carioca Literature Academy, and was elected the new president of the academy. Jaime Garcia Dias is the author of 20 literary works. In addition, he has received five library awards. Today, he is one of the leading writer’s in Brazilian literature.

Follow him on Twitter if you’d like to know more about Jaime.

New Hope for Gig Economy Workers

The gig economy is on the rise but protection for those that thrive in it is not. At least not in a satisfactory way. People that own their own businesses that are client, or gig based exploded just after the last recession. This, after people grew weary of working for corporations. Yet there is a gap and this is what many according to the original article published by are trying to close.

Contract workers are on the rise in the new gig economy and companies are taking a stand to help qualified contract workers find gigs and that much needed protection. Handy is one of those sites that promote contract workers in the manual labor arena and provide the protection and exposure they need. You can find a house cleaner, handyman, moving help, furniture assembly, electrical or plumbing all from the convenience of their free app. These are skilled workers that need a reputable platform to work from. is the leading platform for skilled workers who are screened professionals.
Working from a platform like this ensures the client that they have the best people coming to their home to provide a service. It also gives a variety of benefits to the skilled professional that he or she would not have found before should they have decided to find gigs on their own. It’s actually more cost-effective and they get marketing exposure with benefit of a reputable company behind them. They make the footwork easier on the skilled professional.
Insurance as an “affordable safety net” according to the article should be something the laws should be updated to provide every worker in the gig economy. According to one top Obama advisor, there is real opportunity to see the conversation move forward before long. Only time will tell if the next administration will heed the cries of the 53 million Americans that are 1099 for life!
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Finding The Best Real Estate In Brazil

When it comes Brazilian real estate there are a lot of people that are interested in this market. There are a lot of people that want to invest in this market because it is such a booming tourist spot. There are some people that want to find homes here for the summer. There are others that may be interested in getting real estate because they want to vacation there.

Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos has a lot of different real estate properties. There are many places that people can find through his real estate company. There are places like the Village Park Itanhangá that are great for those people that want to enjoy things like a steam room or fitness room. There are some duplex penthouse livings spaces that are very popular, and Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos gives residents of Brazil a lot of options in the West Zone. There are also a lot of people that are interested using this real estate company because it leads people to the upcoming projects for new properties as well. There are properties like High Residential Vilar and Jacarepagua that are still in the works. These are properties that are still in development.

The Brazilian real estate market is really booming. There are people all over the world that are fans of Latin American culture. That makes it hot property. The Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos specializes in a lot of apartments, but there are some people that search Brazil for the rental homes. There are some nice properties on Copacabana beach, and there are also quite a few homes for rent in Rio. There are property management companies like Fortaleza Rentals that may have a lot of properties to show renters.

There are also properties that are listed by private owners. It just depends on who owns the property. Brazil Realty and Kasa Brazil have quite a few loft properties. This is great for anyone that is interested in this type of quaint setting. There are also triplex accommodations for those that desire this. The options are numerous in Latin America, and people enjoy all the rental properties that they have.

Beach villas are very common in this type of real estate industry. Many people have discovered that places like the Latin American Property Partnership and Garcia Empreendimentos are great for the housing market in Brazil. This is where many people find homes when they decide to move to Brazil permanently.

How Is Majeed Ekbal Going To War With Big Grocery Chains?

Majeed Ekbal is a Chicago investor who has chosen to take on the biggest grocery chains in Chicago with his new delivery service called Expresso. Companies like Jewel and Dominick’s have their own delivery services for grocery customers, but Majeed believes that his small enterprise is more beneficial to customers. This article explains how Majeed Ekbal has positioned his grocery store to compete with some of the biggest names in the business.

#1: Expresso Is Cost-Effective

Expresso is cost-effective because of their delivery fees. Jewel and Dominick’s charge a service fee based on the size of the order, and these companies only sell groceries fromtheir shelves. Expresso does not have a main store. Majeed purchases most of his groceries from a local grocery store, and his associates will drive to any store in the area to pick up exotic groceries for a flat fee.

#2: Expresso Moves Faster

Majeed Ekbal believes that his service moves faster than the competition, and he has planned his service to deliver groceries at the exact moment that his customers believe they should be. The large grocery chains are delivering groceries at a normal pace, but Expresso delivers groceries as fast as possible to ensure their customers are happy. Expresso was created by Majeed to directly compete with Jewel and Dominick’s, and he is content to serve his customers instead of holding stock in a store.

#3: What Is Majeed’s History?

Majeed Ekbal is a recent business school graduate who has ties to many investors in the city. His ties have helped him finance his new business, and he chooses to keep his costs low. His business education helps him understand how to keep costs low, and his business education taught him how to compete in the modern world. There are many grocery store chains that want to offer delivery services, but each of these companies chases their costs at every turn. Majeed’s business is informed by a modern business education that helps him remain solvent even while competing with companies that have millions of dollars to spend on their services.

Majeed Ekbal has confidently entered the grocery market in Chicago with help from his investors. Chicago is growing by the day, and the city has billions of dollars that are ready to capitalize new businesses. Majeed has used just a small portion of that money to help start his new business, and Expresso is underpricing the largest grocery stores in the area for delivery services. American families simply do not have time to shop for their groceries on their own, and Expresso will deliver any grocery list to the doorstep of a customer for a flat fee. That sort of pricing makes grocery delivery a reality for everyone.

Skout, the App for Almost Every Social Need

Are you the kind of person that is always going somewhere? Want to meet new friends when you’re out on the town? Did your friends dump you on a night out? Just need to reach out to people in your area? Skout is an app made for people who want to expand their social circle. This app can assist travelers in connecting with locals, and it can help connect you to people near you also using Skout. This allows people to make friends and build relationships with people who may live across the country, or even the world.

Used by 220 million people worldwide, this app is often times used for dating and flirting. It has an adult and teen section, the teen section of which is moderated regularly. Skout has taken leaps and bounds toward helping people connect, even declaring the 4th of February, International Online Friend Day. This is strange because February is the slowest time for apps of this nature, but it seems to have worked for Skout. Over 40% of people from Filipino, British, Australian, and French decent (52, 000 people in total) have friends in another country one survey says. This app allows you to connect with a meet up with those friends when you visit their neighborhood. You can get tours from your new friends, or learn things about the area’s they live in that you hadn’t known before. It also allows you to see people close to you geographically and meet up with them if you choose to. This app has so many features to help you connect and converse with people all around the world, promoting the connection with people of different cultures.

You sign up either through Facebook or using your email and have to fill out a series of demographic questions. These questions show your interests and help other people interested in the same kinds of things connect with you. As an app, Skout is designed to help you meet new friends, chat, and exchange pictures all in one place. Pictures in the nude are regulated, there is also a grid style to how all the online people in your area are displayed. This shows you who’s online and who has similar interests to yours. Letting you get in contact with the best possible people no matter where you are.

This app is designed for travelers and people who want to meet others. If you ‘re on the go, traveling cross country, or just want to meet someone new it’s certain that Skout will have your back. They ensure you’re only connected with people who you might relate with or want to connect to. The founders of Skout have recently started a new project as well, another network called Fuse. This is another app related to Skout, allowing you another experience entirely with the same basic need. Skout is an app for anyone, lonely people or people just looking to have a good time.

Doe Deere: All About Beauty

Society is pretty funny and even hypocritical about beauty. Often times, people talk like they expect others to look deeply and see the beauty within them, while at the same time, these same people are dismissive to others they don’t find visually appealing. The truth is that visual presentation does play a role. One would possibly be fooling himself if he tried to say that it didn’t mean anything. The truth is that appearances mean a lot to a lot of people. The people that some people judge the most on their looks is themselves. In other words, if they don’t look good to them, then they don’t feel that good about themselves. Doe Deere understands that. Which is one of the reasons she sells make up.

Doe Deere also understands that it is not just enough to look good in the general sense for some people. There are certain people that are not satisfied with just looking good. They want a look that is their signature. They want a look from themselves that they like. One way that could be achieved is through make up. She sells make up that not only enhances a person’s looks but could also be used for artistic reasons.

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime makeup comes in many different colors that allow women to experiment and come up with ways to express themselves. While people can be content with just looking good, there are some that are more content with exploring who they are and finding a look and style that they are most satisfied with. In the end, they have to live with themselves all the time. The most important type of validation comes from themselves for anything which include their appearance. If they find a look that they like, then even if others are a little critical, they are going to be a little more satisfied with themselves.

The more artistic people can experiment with the different colors that are available in Doe Deere’s line of make up. Instead of the usual red and other flesh tones for make up, they can explore colors like blue and green in order to bring out a creative look in them. They will also be satisfied with what they have achieved and they will be more likely to attract people that actually like who they are. Even those that do not like the look will have a little bit of respect for them due to the fact that they have achieved the look. This is what Doe Deere is in the business of make up for.

Doe Deere wants people to be able to find themselves more than be accepted by others. If one does not like who he or she looks like, it is not going to matter all that much what others think about their look. They are going to be dealing with that nagging feeling of inadequacy. Not due to them feeling inferior to others, but due to them feeling like they are not at their best. Doe Deere works to give the opportunity to bring out their best.

Using Expert Financial Advice for Long Term Business Growth

Large businesses have a major problem in this new financial era: raising adequate capital to fund their ventures. In many cases, even established businesses have trouble securing the money that they need to expand or continue their operations. In some instances a financial setback may occur that is only temporary to an unforeseen circumstance, in other cases extra funds are needed to expand for an unforeseen spike.

But, in many of these cases, even with an increase in overall funding, a business may not be able to quantify the expansion into tangible gains. This is because many businesses don’t know how to properly allocate capital once they acquire it. Capital may be put to use in the wrong place, or in the wrong portion of the business. Because business operates in a way where one portion depends upon the other, after a while the entire business suffers.

In these situations an individual is needed who has experience in acquiring capital and allocating it for the business in a way that makes sense and increase the business’s profitability smartly. These individuals usually possess specialized knowledge in the field of finance and business, and a wide area of experience in strategic planning, business development and more.

Individuals like Brian Bonar, a graduate of Stafford University, England has a wealth of experience in matters that pertain to business development and finance. He obtained a PhD and a MBA from Stafford, and has used his vast wealth of experience in assisting numerous companies, as well as serving as the CEO/ Chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation. He has worked for large Fortune 500 entities like IBM, STTN and numerous other large businesses with corporate development and financial strategies across Europe and the United States.

The goal of large business is to develop plans and systems that will allow them more profitability with less overhead. Bonar has a pedigree that is bred from close association with some of the largest businesses in the world. This unique financial knowledge he utilizes allows these businesses to experience new levels of growth and prosperity.