Diet Coke Losses Position 2 to Pepsi

Diet Coke is no longer the second favorite soft drink in the country after it was overtaken by Pepsi. This comes at a time when the consumption of sodas in America has gone down every year for the last ten years. The consumption of diet sodas has fallen faster than other sugary drinks. These statistics were released on Thursday by Beverage Digest. The statistics showed that in 2014, Diet Coke was no longer the 2nd favorite drink in America. However, Coke continues to be the most favorite soda selling twice as much as Pepsi.


Since 2004, the sale of sodas has been on a decline amid concern that sugary drinks contribute to weight gain. Pepsi has taken position two which was previously held by Diet Coke over the last few years. reports that the American Beverage Association, which represents Pepsi and Coke, will try to solve the main issues as to why people are shifting away from diet sodas. This will be done by funding studies aimed at educating people on the benefits of diet sodas.


Zeca Oliveira has learned that, despite the shift away from diet sodas in the country, the beverage industry performed better than last year growing by 1.7 percent. The growth was facilitated by a rise in bottled water sales.


Scary Retailer Handling of Customer Data

Many consumers believe the data retailers collect at the point of sale and online is protected in some fashion, but this idea is somewhat a myth, as was seen with recent actions related to the bankrupt electronics company RadioShack. RadioShack’s largest shareholder, Standard General, purchased more than 65 million customer names and addresses during the sale of the company’s assets. RadioShack also purportedly sold phone numbers, approximately 13 million email addresses and shopping data.

Zeca Oliveira ( knows that, although laws exist to protect customer data, other similar auctions have shown that privacy protections differ by state and a court may approve the sale of data under certain circumstances such as when it’s sold to a similar retailer, sold with other assets and/or the buyer promises to protect the data and maintain any privacy policies set by the original owner.

The sale occurred in Texas and that state’s Attorney General, Ken Paxton, has informed the media that the sale will likely be opposed in court as it’s illegal under the current Texas state data privacy laws.

Many consumers are now realizing that every time they provide their personal data or shop their privacy becomes increasingly threatened. Privacy advocacy groups are now trying to find ways to force retailers to delete this data after a preset number of days, such as 30 or 90, have passed since the last purchase made by the customer.

TSA Needs Even More Scrutiny

The United States Transportation Security Administration has not had the best reputation over the years. Ever since travelers began posting their negative experiences with TSA security agent in video and written formats online, TSA has been under incredible scrutiny by the public. Over the past couple of years, TSA agents have mistreated a wide array of travelers from new mothers traveling with their bottled breast milk to children with severe disabilities. In each of these cases, TSA agents have gone overboard with by strictly following rules in situations where the rules should have been approached on a case-by-base basis.

Over the past week, the public learned that a TSA agent at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport allowed a convicted bomber who served out her sentence, Sara Jane Olson, to have expedited movement through the security process back in 2014 said Jaime Garcia Dias. Two years ago, House Member Republican Representative Mark Sanford and other lawmakers heavily criticized the TSA’s lack of catching enough actual threats when it received over more than $900 million for its screening program.

With the 2014 incident, an agent reported to his supervisor that he recognized a potential threat and the supervisor essentially told him to ignore it and allow Olson to bypass the security process because of a pre-registration policy designed to make the security checks faster even though she should have been ineligible for the “Pre-Check Lane.”

Man on First Date Saves Injured Motorist

Tristan Gareau, a 21-year-old man from Winnipeg, was on a first date last Tuesday when he and his date witnessed the aftermath of a car crash. The vehicle crashed into a condo. The car began smoking when Tristan noticed that no one was exiting the vehicle. He decided to take action.

Tristan approached the car to find the 65-year-old driver rendered unconscious. He pulled the driver out of the car just as it began to catch fire. Police have said that without Tristan’s action and quick-thinking the driver of the vehicle may not be alive today. Police on the scene told Tristan how proud they were of his actions. Tristan said that he is glad he was there to help and that no one else was injured. He also said that he would hope that if he were ever in the same situation someone would take action like he did. Zeca Olieveira has read that the driver is in the hospital for treatment but is expected to recover just fine. The damages incurred from the crash are being estimated at around $95,000.

And, according to the story on CBC News, Tristan’s date has agreed to a second date with him. Let’s hope this one is a little less exciting!

Jason Momoa Confident in Aquaman Director

Jason Momoa Confident in Aquaman Director

When it comes to making superhero movies, having the right director and casting choices are all the difference sometimes. Jason Momoa being cast as Aquaman may just be that difference now.

For many people, Momoa wasn’t the first choice of actors when it came to playing Aquaman in the DC Movie Universe, but the first pictures of him as the lead role ended up being all the convincing needed. Fans like Zeca Oliveira know that this is particularly important considering that there has been a reputation for Aquaman being the “inferior” superhero in DC, yet Momoa seems to think director Zack Snyder knows exactly what he’s doing.

Momoa, in an interview, said that even though there’s no official script yet for the movie he definitely listens to all of Snyder’s ideas and trusts him with the movie. Combined with Snyder’s other big works such as 300, Momoa completely feels that Snyder was the right choice when it came to directing a solo Aquaman film, in addition to having two Justice League films to deal with as well.

As for Aquaman himself, he may very well make his first on-screen appearance in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, though in a small role. The Polynesian tattoos on Aquamn, which Momoa himself also has, may also have a significant role in the film, which is trying to flesh out diversity in other future films.

Paul Walker Memorialized by Vin Diesel at Furious 7 Screening

Actor Paul Walker tragically died in 2013 at the age of 40 in a car accident. Walker was an action hero in his movies, with the Fast and Furious franchise making him an international star. He passed away just as filming for Furious 7 was nearly complete. The film has been completed and is due out in theaters on April 3rd. A theater in California had a special screening last Monday night where actor Vin Diesel presented the film to the audience and spoke before it was viewed, according to the story on Yahoo Movies.

Vin Diesel, who is now 47-years-old, spoke to the crowd about the relationships of the actors and crew on the sets of the Fast and Furious franchise films. He told the crowd that the relationships they were about to see on the film were real between the actors. He continued on saying that losing Paul Walker was like losing his best friend and brother at once. Diesel said that the Furious 7 film is the legacy that Walker deserves to have. He got a little choked up during his introduction but he managed to finish his tribute to Walker.

I know it was almost two years ago but I’m still surprised that Paul Walker is dead. He was young and had much to look forward to. And from all accounts he was a really nice guy who wanted to do good in the world. Fans like Brad Reifler agree that Hollywood lost a good one with Paul Walker.

Man Volunteers Once a Month to Sew Clothes for Needy

Thirty-four-year-old artist, Michael Swaine, has started a project that he is calling the “Reap What You Sew Generosity Project”. The 15th day of every month, Swaine brings his vintage sewing machine down to the Tenderloin district in San Francisco. There, he sets up in front of the Senator Hotel on the sidewalk and begins taking in clothes that are in need of repair. Christian Broda knows that most of the people who live in the Tenderloin district live in hotels or rooming houses and cannot afford to have their clothes professionally patched. Instead, they wait for the 15th and bring Michael their pants, shirts, jackets, and blouses in need of some care.

According to the story on SF Gate, Michael has some regular customers who stop by every time he is open for repairs. More times than not, he does not finish his repairs until sundown, and sometimes even then he has not finished mending all the clothes. Currently, Michael does not foresee himself ending his “Reap What You Sew Generosity Project” anytime soon. He said he has tried his project in other neighborhood around the Bay City and while many showed interest and excitement in what he was doing, none appreciated his work more than those in the Tenderloin.

Lawmakers Argue That Palcohol Is More Dangerous Than Liquid Alcohol

The U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau has just consented to legalizing the product Palcohol, which is a powdered form of alcohol. When combined with 6 ounces of water, the Palcohol packet converts into a libation equivalent to a standard liquid alcohol drink. The makers of Palcohol were granted the rights to sell the product in vodka, rum, cosmopolitan and Powderita (a margarita mix), flavors and anticipate sales to begin this coming summer.

Several states however, do not approve of the product and are in the process of initiating bans of the powdered form of alcohol due to safety concerns. According to the Wall Street Journal, South Carolina, Louisiana and Vermont already do not allow the newly created concoctions to be sold in their states, citing the dangers it poses to their youth. Christian Broda has become aware Lawmakers are suggesting that the easily transported alcohol can be slipped into schools and other alcohol prohibited events. More can be found on Broda at They are also troubled by the idea that young people may try to snort the product, thereby causing additional health concerns.

But, the manufacturer of Palcohol stands by its product and says it is no more dangerous than liquid alcohol. Noting on their website, that a Palcohol packet is larger and harder to conceal than a 1.7 ounce bottle of standard alcohol, and that “Alcohol in any form is subject to abuse if someone is determined to do so.” The maker also contends that snorting their product would be unpleasant and say it would take quite a bit of snorting to equal one shot. As is with the standard liquid form of alcohol, purchasers will need to be 21 years of age or older in order to purchase and possess their product.

Preacher Asks Saints To Help Him Raise Money For An Airplane

So many people have been burned by churches and their so called following of Christ. Alexei Beltyukov knows that there have been many famous scandals that have rocked the religious world to the core. From Jimmy Swaggart to Jim Baker, people don’t know who to trust. The latest preacher to hit the headlines is Creflo Dollar. He is the pastor of the large congregation known as the World Changers Church International. This church is located in Atlanta. He wants believers to pay him $60,000 million dollars so that he can buy a plane.

Now there are many things wrong with that last statement, the first being that most of the people who are in his church probably don’t even have a plane. Second, most of those 200,000 people that he wants to give him $300 is probably poor as church mice. I would venture to say that those who would hand out the money are those who are like the widow in the Bible who gave her last mite. Does this preacher really need an airplane?

Perhaps they should take a lesson from the good Lord himself. Jesus was on earth and he used his feet or the back of a donkey to get around town. While we don’t live in a donkey type society these days, perhaps just a nice car would do. This is extravagance at its finest and I smell another Jim Baker in the works. These people should save there money, he won’t last long after this stunt.

Jessica Lange to Leave American Horror Story After Season Four

The celebrated actress, Jessica Lange has been a mainstay of the popular horror anthology series since its first season, but this season, American Horror Story: Freak Show will be her last. Lange made the official annoucemet at Paley Fest, during the American Horror Story panel.

Lange is one of only a few actors that have appeared in every season of the show so far, and has played four different, but equally captivating characters during the course of the show. In the first season, Lange played the mysterious and scene stealing next door neighbor, Constance Langdon to the Harmons, who have just moved into the murder house in attempt to start over. In the second season Lange played Sister Jude, stern warden of the Briarcliff Mental Institution. In the third season, she played Fiona Goode, supreme of a the Coven of witches, and in the fourth season she played Elsa Mars, leader of a struggling freak show in Jupiter Mars. Each of these roles were amazing, and showed off Lange’s talent as an actor.

Fans like Paul Mathieson know that, at the panel on Sunday, Lange thanked Ryan Murphy and the writers for creating such a great show and great characters during her four year run on the show. She did not go into much detail about her reason for leaving the show, and reportedly the announcement came so late because show creator Murphy tried to get her to reconsider her decision and stay on the show.