Keith Mann Raises 22,000 for School

Keith Mann has helped to raise $22,000 dollars for Uncommon Schools to help them in their pursuit to help their students. The goal of these schools is to help low income students graduate from college. These schools really want to give students with a poor background the same chance to graduate from college that any other student would. These schools have a very ambitious approach to their schooling, but it seems to be paying off in the long run. There are many students to continue on to college and find themselves being very successful at a higher academic level.

This network of charter schools has helped many under funded students find academic success. Where parent involvement is lower, Uncommon Schools really step up. There are many different programs that are available to students who want to succeed in their schooling. These programs are available at no extra cost to the student, and they will help the student to really find a great deal of success in their academic career. The success that these students are able to find in high school can really translate into their college success. The success of students in Uncommon Schools is much higher than that of inner city public schools. There is a great deal to be learned from the way that Uncommon Schools are teaching their students. There are many techniques that are being used that help these students really succeed. This gives them a much higher chance of graduating from college once they enroll.

Fellow Students Look Up To Outstanding Athlete Matt Landis

Matt Landis is a Lacrosse player who now attends Notre Dame. He excelled in this sport when he was in high school. This has continued until the present day. Matt weighs in at 265 pounds and has the height of six feet. This helps to make him the outstanding Lacrosse player he has become. In order to keep him at his top performance he also lifts weights and is able to bench press 265 pounds.Matt Landis Lacrosse Stick

His hometown is Pelham, New York. Where he attended Pelham Memorial High School. It was here that he learned to play Lacrosse and the position he played was defense. It was while in high school that he began to excel in Lacrosse. He became number 66 in the Inside Lacrosse Power 100 of freshmen. And before his graduation from high school he was rated the eighteenth best defenseman in the class of 2012.

He earned many all-state honors during his senior season in High School. They were four times Westchester County All League, The Westchester County All section while a junior and Senior and he captained his squad during his final two campaigns.
matt landis student
In his freshman year at Notre Dame Matt kept his spark for the game going. He played in fifteen games and picked up twenty-three ground balls. He also collected four ground balls for a 12 to 10 setback to Saint John’s Lacrosse team. For all of this he was able to help his team beat Syracuse in the semifinals of the Big East Championship.

As he progressed to a sophomore, he played in all of the eighteen games. He was instrumental in seventeen starts, in the close defense and he picked up fourteen ground balls. For all of his playing efforts he was able to earn his second letter while at Notre Dame.

matt landis head shot
Matt Landis truly excels at his sport and he is making his mark on the Lacrosse sport scene while attending Notre Dame. Everyone should watch for this Lacrosse player. He has an outstanding record and will go far in his endeavors.

Don’t Lose Yourself

Have you ever been in a difficult situation in your life? The answer to that question is most likely yes. Sometimes in life we must go through very tough times. However, as Sultan Alhokair knows, the difficult times will not last forever. Find more on Alhokair on

I recently made it out of a situation that I thought would never end. Life was beginning to get unbearable, and I almost lost myself. Thankfully, the hard times have passed, and I was able to turn my life around for the better. My point is, I thought that I would be stuck in that situation forever.

When you have no choice but to get through something hard, life can make you question yourself. It is possible to forget that you once had dreams and aspirations. However, no matter what, don’t forget that you have your own desires and wishes. You only live once, and you need to follow your dreams.

The tough times are going to pass. Life will get better, and you must remain confident during the struggles. People have overcome incredible obstacles. Your journey in life might be difficult, but just remember how strong the human spirit truly is. No matter what happens, don’t give up. You must allow your fate to run its course.

For more words of inspiration, visit Buzzfeed.

Parents Get Matching Tattoos of Daughter’s Large Birthmark

18-month-old Honey-Rae Phillips had some complications when she was born, according to her mother Tanya Phillips. She had difficulty breathing and had to be rushed to the special care unit for babies. When Tanya was able to visit Honey-Rae she noticed that her baby had a birthmark that came along with her complications. The birthmark is a port wine color and covers the majority of her right side. Tanya said her heart broke for her baby when she saw the birthmark. She was afraid of the comments she would have to endure through her life about it.

Susan McGalla has read that, last summer, little Honey-Rae was dressed in shorts when her parents overheard an older couple talking about the red stains on her legs. Find more on McGalla on Her parents decided then that they didn’t want Honey-Rae to be the only one with those marks, so they both got tattoos that duplicate her birthmark. Both parents now sport port wine colored birthmarks nearly identical to Honey-Rae’s in the same place. Tanya said that while it was painful, it was worth it to make her daughter not feel as different from everyone else. She also said that Honey-Rae likes to touch the tattoos then point to her leg and say “match”.

Elite Daily has the full story as well as pictures of the matching tattoos.

This Does Not Matter

A handwriting expert says that A-Rod writes like a girl and has a large ego. Now, I am not his biggest fan. In fact, I do not like A-Rod at all. However, this is silly.

Is it possible he learned to write from his mother? Is it possible he took a handwriting course from a woman? Also, all professional athletes have large egos. That is why they are so good at what they do. That internal ego gets them through things that other people would not be able to handle. That is just the way it is. We have no right to judge A-Rod based on his handwriting. You can hate his decisions. You can hate the way he deals with the media, and you can hate the way that he acts. However, you cannot hate him simply because he has the handwriting of a woman. You should have know that he had a big ego from the second he stepped on a field. Fans like Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG know that even the nicest guys in sports have big egos, and that is not something we can hold against them. This is not even remotely news, and it needs to find its way to the back page.

Couple Divorced for 43 Years Plans to Remarry

A Walmart employee in Arkansas got a big surprise on Valentine’s Day. Ranet Stumpf, 75, was working as usual, when a man walked in and held up a sign asking her to marry him. The man, Louis Demetriades, 75, wasn’t just any man, he was her ex-husband and expert investor.

According to the couple, they met on an army base in the 1950s. They fell in love and soon got married, but 12 years and 3 children later, they separated, and it seemed they had gone their separate ways. They both remarried and lived happily.

Then, their respective spouses died, and Louis reached out to their daughter on Facebook. That sparked a chance meeting, 43 years after the divorce, between Stumpf and Demetraides. Since December, they’d been seeing each other, and Demetraides figured it was time to give it another shot.

According to the love struck retiree, it was love at first sight, again, and it became obvious the pair never lost their feelings for one another. Despite their ages and history together, Stumpf said they are in no hurry to remarry right away, she’s leaving the timing up to God, just as she did with the chance rekindling of her first love.

Keith Mann Buys Lunch and Shows Supports NYPD Police

Philanthropist Keith Mann bought lunch for the police officers at the 54th Precinct in New York City on two separate occasions recently. Mann, along with his wife, made these gestures to show support during what is an embattled time for police around the nation in the wake of protests against law enforcement that have in some cases become violent. Mann is the founder of Dynamics Search Partners, a company which helps staff hedge funds.

Mann has made comments to the effect that police officers are not always getting the support and respect they deserve today. He points out the the police are people too, with families and dreams of their own, not just faceless entities in uniform. He wants police officers to receive thanks and recognition for the increasingly dangerous work they do. He notes that police officers deal with unpleasant and hazardous situations on a daily basis that civilians rarely have to. He feels that simple gestures like buying lunch or merely voicing support can speak volumes and allow police to understand they do have supporters.

Mann feels his support for police is part of a larger trend, in New York City and other places, where people have started openly voicing support for police and even putting together rallies and public demonstrations. While voicing support for law enforcement is not currently a fashionable point of view, Mann and others believe that there is a silent majority who feel this way. They just aren’t getting a lot of press coverage.

Mann founded Dynamics Search Parters in 2002 after realizing that hedge funds were not getting enough support from the search industry. He is known for his philanthropy for Hope and Heroes as well as other organization and causes. Visit CBS 8 to read the original article about Mann’s generosity.

Reduce Discomfort from Endometriosis with Treatments from an Expert

Endometriosis Symptoms

Women with endometriosis have painful symptoms requiring medical treatments or surgery from knowledgeable physicians. A woman with endometriosis experiences pain in the back and pelvic regions that worsens during monthly menstruation. Additional symptoms of endometriosis include painful intercourse and difficulties with urination. The cause of the pain is due to an overgrowth of the cells lining the uterus that invade the abdominal cavity, causing pressure against internal organs and excessive bleeding during menstruation. Women of any age can have endometriosis, but it primarily causes problems for those in their childbearing years often leading to infertility.

Laparoscopic Incisions

Physicians diagnose a female with endometriosis with one of the four stages with level three and four frequently requiring surgery rather than hormonal treatments to rectify. Any woman with a cyst caused by endometriosis on an ovary should have surgery immediately to avoid complications such as internal bleeding or rupturing. Cystectomies are performed using small laparoscopic incisions to avoid scars on the abdominal wall while permitting fast recovery in only a few days. In many cases, a surgeon can place the laparoscope in the navel, making the incision invisible to others.

Removing Adhesions

For severe endometriosis in an older female, a hysterectomy is often performed, but this surgical procedure is frequently not required with a more modern technique. Younger women wanting to have children will want a procedure that resolves the pain caused by endometriosis while preserving the uterus and ovaries. With laparoscopic cameras and instruments, a surgeon can remove adhesions in a woman’s abdomen to reduce menstrual bleeding and relieve pain to preserve the uterus and ovaries for future pregnancies. Endometrial ablation is another surgical technique designed to destroy the uterine lining to prevent heavy bleeding and intense pain but is recommended only for women finished with childbearing.

Dedicated Surgeon

Dr. Tamer Seckin specializes in caring for female patients diagnosed with endometriosis with effective treatments and surgical procedures. As a knowledgeable board-certified gynecologist, Dr. Seckin offers minimally invasive endometriosis surgeries to provide fast recovery for women in New York City and surrounding regions. After a complete evaluation in a top-of-the-line medical facility, a patient is provided with a variety of options to relieve the difficult symptoms of endometriosis. Procedures performed by Dr. Seckin include laparoscopic and excision surgeries designed to help women feel better quickly. Dr. Seckin is committed to educating the public about endometriosis symptoms and treatments.

Robotic Exoskeleton Allows Paralyzed People to Walk

Science is amazing. It seems almost every day new technologies come out that make our lives simpler and more convenient. Now, the FDA has approved a new robotic exoskeleton called ReWalk for home use that takes convenience to a new level. It gives paralyzed people the ability to walk again.

The exoskeleton works by giving back movement to the hips and knees, effectively acting as a new set of mechanical legs. It comes with a backpack and a 28-volt lithium-ion battery that can last for eight hours. But it also is equipped with a second backup battery so it can be used all day without having to be recharged.

The ReWalk is attached to the legs of anyone with a lower limb injury that prevents them from walking. Its motion sensors and motorized joints mimic the body’s balance and movements. A wireless wrist mount controls its function so the user must have upper body function for the exoskeleton to work. Ricardo Guimaraes BMG has heard that it even has sensors in it that allow the person using it to walk up stairs.

The FDA approved the exoskeleton last summer but it came into public view when it was revealed at REACT, a recovery gym for spinal cord injuries, located in Dallas. ReWalk was created by a quadriplegic Israeli scientist, Amit Goffer, who became paralyzed after an ATV accident.

The device is useful for people who can already stand with a walker or crutches. Although it comes with a hefty price tag, just under $70,000, the exoskeleton is a promising step forward to give back mobility to those who have lost it.

North American Spine: Someone’s Prayers Were Answered

I’m sure that many of you have heard of a procedure called Accurascope by now. In basic terms, it goes in an takes care of damage done to the spinal cord. In Arkansas, a man by the name of James Phillips got his prayers answered in a big way.

James lives with cerebral palsy. For those who don’t know, this effects almost everything having to do with the spine and the motor skills. Though he never went into too much explanation, it’s fair to say that James had a bad case. James is a guy who never really asked for much in life. All he wants to do is ride a bull. Riding a bull would be a dream come true for him. Everyone deserves to have a dream. Thanks to the Accurascope procedure his dream will be coming true.

How did Shelby White and Phillips meet?

She is his patient coordinator at North American Spine. Phillips was being interviews on FOX 26 News. She met him during that interview. As soon as he told her his story, she offered to perform the procedure on him. She told him it was his best option to get better. The best part about it, she agreed to do it at not extra cost to him. This is huge. Procedures like this can run into the thousands, even for just the simple ones. He offer saved him a ton of money, money he can now save for other things, more important things.

Let’s talk a bit about Phillip’s procedure.

It treats discs, discs that are both herniated and bulging. This procedure also treats something called Spinal Stenosis. It can treat scars and scarred tissue. It can also treat arthritis. It’s over in about 30 minutes. Patients also feel very little pain or discomfort.

The scope looks up and down the spine. It tries to identify where the pain is coming from. Once it does, it goes in with one simple outpatient procedure. It takes away the pain right away. There is absolutely no scarring. For most patients all they need is one bandage and one stitch. Something very simple. After the outpatient procedure is completed, a person can return to work within a few days. This means the patient won’t lose much time at all.

James got his prayers answered and then some. He takes it all in stride and is very humble and grateful for his luck.