Joseph Bismark’s Take on Health and Wellness in Business


Having had a long history working for businesses across the globe, helping to lead QNet, start Qi Limited, and manage Qi Group, Joseph Bismark has earned his place as an authority on topics of business management and the type of persons who excel there, including the attitudes and mindsets that help them along the way. Summarizing his philosophy on business and the opportunities provided to individuals, he’s credited with saying “What may appear an obstacle for many is an opportunity for a leader.”

Joseph Bismark’s journey to spiritual awareness, something he considers vital to business success, came about during a trip to the Philippines. There, between the ages of 9 to 17, his time was spent living in an Ashram (Hindu monastery)where most of his days were filled with hours upon hours of quiet contemplation as he learned and practiced meditative techniques. Now living in Singapore, this business executive continues what seems to be a thoughtful approach to life, promoting a lifestyle that is in agreement with the environment through the Qi Group.

The Qi Group has been steadily involved in encouraging green practices such as energy conservation and recycling, and these are practices the company takes part in as well. Under Bismark’s tenure, their Prana Resort in Koh Samui has converted to utilizing solar power to generate electricity for the premises. The Qi Tower in Malaysia has gone paperless, reducing the waste they produce and their impact on the environment.

And his businesses continue to reflect his personal morals and ethics. Through QNet, he has promoted entrepreneurship and representation for products that promote health and wellness for their clients as well as educational materials. With a combination of a particular corporate culture that encourages collaboration and teamwork and support from independent businesses, the group has experienced healthy growth in recent years. Though many distributors are quick to point out that Bismark’s presence and involvement has also helped to achieve this level of success.

Many attribute this involvement and success in business and relations to the thoughtful nature Joseph Bismark has cultivated through years of experience and practice, and this philosophy was a boon for QNet, its products and most assuredly their customers.

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Finance Law and its Role in the Money Markets

Sam Tabar is one of the biggest names mentioned in the field of Financial Law today. His successful career has been strengthened by his expertise in hedge funds and investments. His career in financial law has helped in offering solutions to global banking and corporate problems. To succeed in this filed requires an individual to be familiar with the various laws that are associated with capital markets as well as financial institutions.

As an attorney in financial law, areas of interest include bankruptcy, taxation, insolvency, amalgamations, acquisitions, securities, and bonds among other legal financial frameworks. In the absence of law and order, chaos are inevitable and this is true even in the financial market. For this reason, finance law is considered very essential. It maintains law and order in the industry and mostly, it ensures that players are allowed to operate in a fairly competitive environment.

Finance law protects investors and companies as well as their financial interests. There are some business practices that if allowed they can hinder competition. Finance law helps in neutralizing such practices through provision of operating policies. For instance, the Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Competition was created to offer solutions in cases of unfair competition.

Finance laws such as the Bankruptcy Law are necessary in the financial market. This law allows business owners to get more time in case they are unable pay their creditors. In case an investor or a business has filed for bankruptcy, it means that he or she acknowledges their obligation to pay. However, the court may stop creditors from claiming their debts if the business is declared bankrupt.

Financial regulation is very important in the world today owing to the growing and sophisticated global economy. Finance law helps in shaping the economy hence facilitating growth. In order to determine the strength of an economy, the major point of observation is its financial capabilities. For big economies, financial transactions need to be guided by policies set forth to create harmony in the financial market.

Finance laws are there to keep the flow of money in check and protect the economy from factors that can lead to bankruptcy such as inflation. It must be noted that in the money market, just like any other, market there will be defaulters. When individuals or companies act against or fail to comply with the set regulations, finance laws are applied to subject them to trial.

Make Good Money With Investing

Many people have found that investing is an excellent way for them to earn extra income. There are many different things that individuals do in order to supplement their income or to save the money that they already have. Some individuals choose to get high interest savings accounts, some will get certificates of deposits, and others will invest in IRAs. Regardless of what an individual does, their aim is to maintain their current funds and to make profits off of the money that they are trying to save. When it comes to investing, it is an excellent way for a person to not only make income, but depending on the investment that they are investing in, and the amount of risk that they are willing to take, they can make significant funds.

Investing can seem like something that is very difficult, but in reality it is not. Many companies have ways that their employees can invest their funds. They have profit-sharing, and they may even have 401(k)s. With a 401(k) and individual can choose the companies that they would like to invest in, and their company will generally match up to a certain amount of that investment is. Apart from that, there are many banks that offer many options when it comes to investing. It can be difficult for a person to figure out which investments are the best for them and their financial needs, and that is the reason why banks offer investment bankers. These investment bankers watch the ups and downs of the stock markets, and they help their clients to make the best choices when it comes to investing.

Igor Cornelsen (find him on Twitter) is a man that has been known around the world for his expertise in investing. He is a champion investor and at one point in his life he was managing the majority of banks in the entire country of Brazil. Igor Cornelsen is known as a champion investor because he has helped hundreds of clients to be able to make wonderful investment decisions that have resulted in significant income to them and or to their business.

When it comes to investing it is a very wise decision for a person to investigate more. By going to a local bank a person can find ways that they can further make income. The best way to do well investing is to get in contact with a good investment banker. This investment baker can help an individual or business make decisions that will help to accelerate their financial fitness.

The Justice of Christie

It has been almost two weeks since the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage in a 5 to 4 decision. Politicians from around the country are still voicing their opinion on the matter and showing their constituents how they would have handled the situation. GOP Presidential candidate Chris Christie announced his bid for the presidency just two weeks ago. Even though he is new to the race it did not stop him from voicing his opinion on the matter. Christie said that had he chosen the Supreme Court Justices who voted on the ruling on same-sex marriage it would not have been legalized. He also spoke on how the key provision of the Affordable Care Act would have been struck down in order to please his fellow Republicans. Both of the rulings last month angered many Republican conservatives across America. Since the ruling Republican presidential candidates have had no problem condemning the decisions of the Supreme Court Justices. Folks like Ricardo Tosto have heard that Christie suggested the Supreme Court judges were meddling in the business of the legislative branch as well as the executive branch of the government. In his Fox News Sunday interview Christie said that his Christie-type Justices would have won both cases in the Supreme Court rather than losing them the way that they did. Other Republican candidates have talked about the gay marriage ruling but are hoping citizens can move on.

Star Wars at Comic-Con San Diego

A new Star Wars film is on the horizon. Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens is in production, and the project has fans champing at the bit for details of the new story. In response to the rabid curiosity of the Star Wars faithful, the production company showcased some new promotional art and a panel discussion with Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher at San Diego Comic-Con. The three stars of the original trilogy were easily the biggest attraction of the Star Wars exhibition. Director J.J. Abrams, known as a master of the teaser, skillfully crafted the look of the characters using Skout to build excitement and an even more voracious appetite for new information. The event left fans with some new images to tide them over, but no further insight into what direction the new story will take.

The Star Wars franchise is nothing short of a cultural phenomenon, appealing to fans of all ages. The storyline has endured for more than 35 years and is still going strong. Fans will have to wait for the release date of Episode 7, December 17, 2015, to find out what happens next.

Purina PetCare Looks to Community-Based Marketing Campaigns

The Purina PetCare brand may be one of the biggest in the world, but it has remained loyal to a form of marketing designed to help those around the world in looking after their pets. Owners Nestle Purina do invest large amounts of money in the completion of popular and traditional advertising campaigns, but also look to community based projects to assist pet owners and raise their own profile. The success of the wide range of marketing options undertaken by Purina Petcare mean the company has retained its status as one of the top pet brands in the world throughout the 21st century.

Purina PetCare have always been at the forefront of marketing around the world, which has included the company creating the first ever dog targeted TV advertising campaign unveiled in Austria. In the US the company has spent far more time developing its community based links to pet parents across the nation through the development and sponsorship of dog parks and dog exercise events. These events are designed to publicized the active lifestyle Purina PetCare is looking to establish amongst its customers through the healthy ingredients included in the brand’s wide range of foods in both wet and dry styles.

One of the top marketing competitions thrown open to the individual customers of Purina PetCare products is the Incredible Dog Challenge, which tours the US each year to identify top dogs through a series of activities. Purina PetCare offers heats throughout the country for dogs to take part in a series of challenges that show off their skills and strength, much of which comes from the choice of food their owners provide for them. Winners of the heats are then invited to a final, which is broadcast on the TV. The competition is not only open to the most athletic dogs in the US, but to all dogs who can show how the best dog food can make a difference to how they act and live.

Visual Search Technology Makes The Browsing Experience Better

Visual search is a technology that has been used to create a search engine that recognizes image search. The search engine has been mostly used through Smartphone, where you can search for anything you want online without necessarily typing. The search engine uses image capture to identify the type of item one is searching for and similar results are displayed. With visual search companies like Slyce out there, it is quickly becoming one of the best technologies especially when you cannot remember the name of some item you want to read about online.

Mobile phones have evolved with new designs offering high resolution cameras and editing properties. This is one of the things that have simplified the process of searching for images online through the visual search technology. The search engine is designed to offer several options like if you would like to watch videos that are related to the item you have searched. You can also be redirected to similar images that contain the same texture as well as color and shape, as the object you have used while searching.

The process through which the information contained in the image is interpreted is simple. When the search engine captures the image, that information is submitted to the server application for processing. After this, the image is put through a process for analysis to test whether it fits within any bracket that contains similar characteristics. When the right matches are obtained, results are displayed on your phone screen. Though the above description looks procedural, the time it takes to receive the results is the normal time it would take while searching through keywords. The search engine is designed to offer quick and responsive results.

For mobile users, the visual search technology has been made available through applications that you can download. Once installed, you will only need internet to execute the queries you need. You can shop online by searching for the item you need using this technology. Basically, the technology aims at making it easier to find items that you need. Unlike keyword search, visual search brings the exact item you are looking for. If for instance you are searching for a blue handbag, the search results will give the same color of the item. However, this is on to mean you cannot explore other options. The search engine is customized well to offer several options where you can instruct it on the type of results you want to receive.

Beneful, For A Happy, Healthy Dog

You love your dog; he’s part of the family so you want to take care of him like a family member. Taking good care of your dog means giving him the best nutrition so he stays happy, healthy and vital. When it comes to your pooch, Beneful gives your dog the best of everything in a dog food – the highest quality of ingredients and a mouthful of flavor in every bite.

Your dog deserves the best that life can give him. Enjoy life together with your dog by giving him a happy well-balanced diet to keep him happy and enjoying life through all his years, from puppy-hood to adulthood. With Beneful, he can.

Only quality ingredients go into Beneful in both the dry and wet product lines. Some of the common protein sources you’ll find in either line include:


A variety of vitamin-rich vegetables for overall and well-rounded health balance include:


For a variety of health benefits, Beneful adds wholesome grains such as rice and barely for carbohydrates. Carbohydrates give your furry friend loads of energy and stamina for all-day-play. Each Beneful product is also full of anti-oxidants and omega-three rich ingredients.

Not only is Beneful packed with all the nutrition your dog needs but each meal is fun for your pup. Watch him get excited at each meal when he tastes the mixture of delicious flavors and enjoys the fun textures. Keeping your dog interested in his meals will no longer be a chore when he has Beneful to look forward to. If you want to keep it exciting at every meal, try mixing it up by interchanging Beneful dry foods with their exciting line of wet food.

Your dog is sure to love the thinly diced pieces in Beneful’s Chopped Blends and the bigger, heartier chunks in Hearty Roasters. You can also try Beneful’s Medleys and Prepared Meals – easy-to-feed and resalable for storing leftovers in 3oz to 10oz packages.

Does your dog have special dietary needs? Depending on what your dog’s special needs are, there is a Beneful product that can help cater to his specific needs. For instance, if your dog has dental issues, help keep his smile radiant, teeth healthy, and say good bye to bad breathe with Beneful’s Radiant Smile.

Other Beneful dry dog food products include:

Original Formula
Healthy Growth for Puppies
Healthy Fiesta
Healthy Radiance
Healthy Weight
Playful Life

Bring out the best in your dog with Beneful’s full dog food product line made by a company of people who love dogs, own dogs and want all dogs to have long, healthy lives. Find more on Beneful Twitter!

Get Help To Find A Home Within New York City Real Estate

When you decided that you are ready to move, what is the first thing that you did? More than likely you went straight to the Internet, and you started looking at listings online. No matter which city in the USA you are living in, you’re likely to find listings for real estate online. The only problem is, not every listing can be found online, and certain listings will only go through a particular real estate company. Real estate agents are still very useful these days, especially if you live in New York City. New York City has great real estate to offer, but you’ll want a real estate agent to help you.

Hire Town Real Estate as your agency, and you’ll see all the difference when it comes to searching for a new home. Instead of sitting at your computer for so many hours that your eyes get blurry, you’ll have your real estate agent do all the work. Your real estate agent can find all the places that might be of interest to you, they’ll bring you the information, and you can choose which places you want to visit. You can go from one place to another, and you can decide which place is perfect for you.

Even if you have an entire family you’re trying to find a home for, that is absolutely no problem when working with Town Real Estate. Town Real Estate is an expert when it comes to any type of dwelling, including houses. Although it can be difficult to find a house in New York City, Town Real Estate has so many listings that anything is possible. Town Real Estate gets the best listings that many other real estate agencies may not have. The listings that Town Real Estate has are luxurious, and many of them are very big in size.

One thing that many people complain about in New York City is the lack of space when it comes to finding a new home. Yes, it can be difficult to find a home with a lot of space in New York City, but Town Real Estate has many spacious places available for lease or purchase. Since many companies will list with Town Real Estate, you’ll have a lot of options when it comes to finding the perfect place in New York City. Although looking for an NYC apartment for rent can be a burden, you can place that burden on Town Real Estate, and they’ll help you find your new home.

This Man Has Saved Over 500 Lives

There is a cliff in Japan where people frequently go to end their lives. It is a morbid place, and one where probably a whole lot of people don’t like spending their time, but one man has taken to spending his days there. He has dedicated his time and efforts to saving those who go there thinking that they are going to end their lives.
This man has saved over 500 lives by being there and watching out of people to come out of desperation. He has stopped over 500 people from killing themselves. 500 people owe their lives to this man.
There should be more people like that out there in this world. Acccording to Doe Deere, there should be more people willing to give their time to save others’ lives. We should all take this story to heart and try to make a difference for someone today. It might just save a life.