Teen Gets Help For College

When it comes to going to college, some teens will do anything necessary to get an education. Fred Barley is 19 and lives in Georgia. He was found by police officers near his hometown while sleeping in a tent in front of a college. Officers listened to what the teen had to say about sleeping in a tent outside, and instead of giving him a ticket, they decided to help him.

Barley explained that he rode his brother’s bike for six hours in order to make it to the college so that he could register for classes. Barley was getting ready for his second semester in college, and he didn’t want to be late when registration started. He was sleeping in a tent and only had a few supplies with him. Barley had two duffel bags with clothes and a few other things that he owned along with 2 gallons of water.

The college doesn’t open until August, so Barley made a small home in the tent outside the building. The only thing that he had to eat was a box of cereal. However, that changed when people in the town heard about what he was doing to change his life. Barley has dreams of going to medical school and is currently a biology major. The officers took Barley to a hotel where they paid for him to stay for two nights. A wife of one of the officers started asking for help on Facebook. With the help of Casey Blaney and the hotel owner, Barley has a room to stay in until he can get into his dorm. The college is also allowing him to move in earlier than scheduled. Barley has also found a job as a dishwasher at a local restaurant.

The Career Life of Keith Mann and His Community Development Undertakings.

Keith Mann is a distinguished entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is one of the proprietors of Dynamic Search Partners, and he currently serves as the Managing Director of the organization. His company’s expertise is primarily in hedge funds and alternative business. It mainly helps equity firms, whereby, it solves their alternative staffing problems and provides them with executive search solutions. The company has sealed more than two thousand customer mandates since it was founded in 2001. Mr. Mann’s firm has expanded its services, and it offers more than staffing solutions. Dynamic Search Partners is currently one of the country’s leading databases for finding business executives. Keith Mann’s career kicked off at Dynamic Associates where he was the Alternative Division’s Manager and with time, he rose through the ranks, and he currently serves as the company’s Vice President.

Keith shows his philanthropy in various ways. He launched the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement, which is a foundation that sponsors needy talents business leaders of the future generation. It was formed in partnership with the New York-based Uncommon Schools. The bursary will be given to a graduating student from the Uncommon School’s high schools, which are based in Brooklyn. Mr. Mann’s foundation aims at helping students from disadvantaged backgrounds to attend and graduate from college. Individuals who feel like they need the bursary are required to write a two thousand words essay explaining how the attaining a college degree will help them in building successful careers.

Mr. Mann is an active participant in community projects. He recently showed his care for the New York Police Department by sending lunch to the division located in the 54th street. The police force has lately been faced with a lot of violence and negativity in the past, and therefore, Keith and his wife did this to boost the officers’ morale. He thinks that the recent attacks on the police in during a peaceful protest is a discouraging act and the public need to support and thank the cops. Mann also wants to make people understand that the police are ordinary people, and they have families just like every other person. Citizens should support them instead of obstructing their efforts.

The Technology that is changing the Lives of Many: Seattle Genetics

The Seattle Genetics is significantly influencing the lives of many people. Giving hope to the many families who don’t give up hope of their loved ones being well again. The team of dedicated scientists has positively impacted the health of their patients who are always on the forefront of every research they conduct. Whatever they do, they do it with the patients in mind and the desire to elongate their lives, so that they can continue being productive in the society.

The biotech company uses miRNAs. The miRNAs code with the human genome and then use them as natural regulators of the global gene expression. Since each of the miRNAs regulates many more different genes; tens of thousands, they may act as the master switch, and they effectively affect the functioning and processes of multiple cellular pathways.

The multiple miRNAs in their portfolio have applications in Oncology and other diseases. The oncology-directed miRNAs include the miR-34 and let-7, cancer suppressors that have been effective in blocking tumor growth. The company, due to its impact on human life and more so their health has received funding from many private investors through the emerging technology fund and from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas.

The president and chief executive officer
Dr. Clay B. Siegall was appointed the chief director of the Seattle Genetics; being one of its co-founders, and a renowned doctor, he sure had the knowledge of all the company does. He has not only contributed in the leaders but also in the development of the technology and in impacting the lives of the people of Texas. Through his leadership, the Seattle Genetics has acquired multiple licenses for their technology (ADC), e.g. the Genentech, AbbVie, GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer that generate more than $ 300 million for the company. He has led the company in capital-raising activities through the public and private financing. Not forgetting his impact on patients’ lives which is based on his innovativeness, vigorous research, drug development practices, but more so his passion for helping patients. His efforts have led the company through his leadership in the development of antibody-drug conjugates ADCs for cancer treatment.

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Sikh Bikers Raise Over $100,000 for Pediatric Cancer

Twenty-four motorcyclists in Canada recently rode across Canada in an attempt to build awareness of childhood cancer and raise money that can be used to treat and prevent the disease.

What they also had in common was that they all hailed from the Sikh community. With racial tensions being at the forefront of many incidences across the world, it’s important that people find ways to come together and focus more on their similarities than their differences.

These bikers met scores of people along their journey, and they used that opportunity to build relationships with others and introduce some people to the Sikh culture. What makes many Sikh men stand out in certain crowds are their turbans and beards; the riders wanted to make sure that the people they encountered realized that those who may look different don’t automatically need to be a cause for concern.

The riders crossed more than 12,000 kilometers on a total of thirteen bikes, and the journey took two weeks. They partnered with the Canadian Cancer Foundation, and they spread the word about their mission through chance encounters and media appearances.

Their initial goal was to raise $60,000, and they surpassed that amount significantly. At the end of their ride, the donations they raised totaled more than $100,000. Scientists can use that money to fund research and development of preventive measures and treatments, and doctors and hospitals can also use the funds to offset the costs of treating children currently afflicted with cancer.

Pokemon Go Gets Children Out Of Bed

Pokemon Go is one of the latest games that is getting people out and about in their towns, walking instead of sitting inside playing video games. From adults to children, the app has taken over the country. The concept of the app is to find various Pokemon characters that are hidden along sidewalks, on trails, in parks, in shopping centers and other locations across towns. There are new characters released every day, making it fun to run toward the new Pokemon to get points or items that can be used in the game.

A children’s hospital in Michigan is using the app to help children who might not be able to get out of bed. There is a Pokemon Go hotspot on the children’s floor of the hospital. During the day, there are several children who can be seen standing at this spot. They are getting out of bed in order to get the Pokemon and to talk with other children who are on the floor. The app is being used as a way for children in the hospital to become mobile while giving them something to do instead of watching television or thinking about why they are in the hospital in the first place. They are socializing, which can help with depression that some children might have while they are in the hospital awaiting treatments or surgical procedures.

Boy Leaves Cold Drinks For Mailman

The heat and humidity can take a toll on those who deliver the mail. These are people who have to be outside in towns, walking from one home to another to make sure residents and businesses get their mail. There are some mail drivers who can stay in their vehicles on their routes, but they still deal with the heat as most city trucks don’t have air, and the window needs to be left down in a personal vehicle in order to place the mail in a box.

A boy in Newport News decided to make it a little easier for his mailman. He started leaving Gatorade and cold water bottles for the mailman to get when he would come by the house. Carmine McDaniel is 8, and he wanted to make a difference for the man who has to be outside in the heat while bringing mail to his home. He out a large cooler on his front porch that is filled with ice. There is a note on top of the cooler that lets the mailman know to get a cold drink. There have been heat advisories in the Newport News area, and with the high humidity, it feels even hotter than the air temperature outside. This is a simple way that this young man is offering help to those who have to be outside while working.

Michigan Hosptial begins using Pokemon Go to get sick children more mobile

A hospital in Michigan has recently begun using the explosively popular mobile app, Pokemon Go, to help its sick patients get more motivated to leave their rooms and become more sociable.

Before using the app to get young patients mobile, children in the hospital would oftentimes avoid contact with one another in the halls; ever since implementing Pokemon Go, however, the children have been reported to be far more enthusiastic about going out of their way to spend time with one another through the game.

One mother testified that augmented reality app helped her 11-year-old son cope far better with his ongoing treatment at the Mott Children’s Hospital for an inoperable brain tumor. The mother said that one of the biggest challenges had been to help her son fight the depression of being holed up in his hospital room all day, and the app made accomplishing this far easier.

The Mott Children’s Hospital has several Pokespots set up around the hospital grounds, making it easy for the patients to get the most out of the game simply by leaving their and taking a few steps out into the open.

While the Mott Children’s Hospital has seen considerable success with its Pokemon Go strategy, other hospitals have actively prohibited the app. The reason for the app’s banning in other hospitals is based on a number of stories about people playing the game being potentially led into dangerous or prohibited areas; to account for these risks, the Mott Children’s Hospital has put cautionary signs in front of several hotspots.

Recent News Articles about Outdoors/ Outdoor Living

The Album, Views, by rapper Singer Drakes managed to stay at the top of Billboard 200 for the 10th week running this week. The album now joins the exclusive club of only ten other albums which have been able to achieve this feat in the last two decades. Some of these famous albums include Adele’s 21 and 25, the Titanic soundtrack and Taylor’s Swift’s Fearless. Singer-rapper Drake now becomes the first and only rapper on this list. The album recorded high sales on the tenth week and sold about 92,000 additional copies. Most of these copies were released through Stream Equivalent Albums (SEAs) which provided the bulk of the sales.

This Album is riding a high wave and there are possibilities that it can hit the 11th week at the top. Currently, it is 2016’s second biggest selling album and only needs to sell about 100,000 copies to catch up with Adele’s 25. At the second spot this week is Schoolboy Q’s Blank Face which sold about 74,000 copies in its first week on the charts. Blink 182’s California stands at number 3 having sold 37,000 copies. Others on the top 10 list include North Corridor by Chevelle which sold 33,000 copies and stands at number eight. Blurry Face by Twenty one Pilots took the number 4 slot. At number nine is Adele’s 25 while Rihanna’s Anti is at number six. Others include Beyonce’s lemonade at number seven and switchfoot’s Where the Light Shines Through at number 10.

The Midas Legacy is Helping People Become Better People

When you think about what is truly important in life, there are a great many ideas, questions and points of view you need to consider. However, regardless of what you think the meaning of life is or what you need to do in order to fit in and be truly happy, you also need to survive. When it comes to survival and the general hierarchy of needs then you need to consider the basic things like food and shelter. And, even if you don’t want more than your most basic living expenses, you still need to spend some money and have some income in order to survive.

When you think about what you should actually do in order to craft a well balanced life that looks at money and wealth but also at the rest of your needs as well, then you will find a recipe for success. The organizations that can do that the best is The Midas Legacy and they have been finding ways to help others manage their cash flows for a while now. The best thing about The Midas Legacy is, however, they aren’t just trying to be retirement advisers. The Midas Legacy functions as an overall opportunity for anyone to put their priorities in check and have enough for both now and later.

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The Midas Legacy Helps People Protect Their Retirement & Live Healthier

The best thing about finding someone who actually looks at your overall life is that they will continue to help you prepare for the future but they don’t want you to sacrifice the present. After all, why would anyone want to tuck the majority of their earnings away for someday if they have to be miserable now to do it? The point of The Midas Legacy is that people are able to balance their present and their future so that your happiness won’t get lost along the way.

The Midas Legacy isn’t just about planning for your long run retirement. In fact, they aren’t even just wealth advisers and counselors. If you really boil it down, you will be able to see that The Midas Legacy is more about teaching others to look at what is truly important than they are about brokering investments or focusing on money.

When you consider the power of truly understanding your money and wealth as well as what is actually important to you, then you will be able to enjoy a more complete life while doing less. The Midas Legacy wants that exact outcome for everyone that they work with.

Learn more about The Midas Legacy: http://themidaslegacy.com/giving/

Nine-Year-Old Gifted a Prosthetic Frozen-Inspired Hand

A group of Siena College students in Albany, NY has made nine-year-old Karissa Mitchell very happy by gifting her a 3D-printed prosthetic hand that is inspired by her favorite movie “Frozen.” The students are members of the Siena College chapter of E-NABLE, and organization dedicated to creating 3D-printed limbs for those who need them and distributing them free of charge.

Karissa, who was born without a right hand, was gifted the device this past June. “It will be for simple use cases, things everyone can take for granted, so picking up a ball and giving it to her dominant hand to throw,” says Alyx Gleason, a Siena College student and E-NABLE member.

The hand is a light blue ice color embellished with a snowflake design. It emits a gentle light, evoking scenes from the popular Disney movie. Young Mitchell was excited to receive the prosthetic and doubly excited about the design. “It feels like I have a real hand, but it’s cool because of the light,” she said.

Mitchell’s family was also on hand to witness her receiving and using the device for the first time. Her father was especially excited to witness the moment. “She picked up an orange and her facial expression was just priceless,” he said in an interview.

E-NABLE is a grassroots organization of individuals and institutions from all over the world who volunteer use of their 3D printers to create 3D printed hands and arms for those in need of an upper limb assisting device.