Keith Mann: About A Boy

Many of you probably already know who Keith Mann is. I’m guessing on that one, I don’t want to make any assumptions. If you really don’t know who he is, allow me to tell you. Keith Mann is an animal rights activist. He has been doing it for a very long time.

To give you an idea of how long ago he started, let’s go back to when he was just a little boy. Growing up in the Greater Manchester Area, he worked on a farm. When he first heard a cow crying, he was found to be troubled. He didn’t know what this meant. The people who were training him spoke of the cows grieving. He was told the cows were crying over being separated from their young.

This hard enough to take as an adult, imagine how it was for this young boy. Cows are often separated from their young, right after they at born. This can cause great pain for both the cow and calf. “It’s just a part of life”, Keith was told.

This left a lasting impression on him. Back in 1972, he saw a rabbit being held up in a pen due to neglect. Keith released it. He soon widened his experience by handing out pamphlets. These pamphlets were all about animal cruelty, cruelty the public had not been made aware of.

There was one time he kept a fish in his tub. He did this for a few weeks, until he could find a good home for them.

Keith has been arrest countless times, all in the name of protecting animals which he talks about in this BBC interview. Keith feels it’s his job to look out for them, especially when no one else will. Would you like to read up on Keith some more? Maybe even buy his new book? You can find it all the details on the Buzzfeed article that inspired this piece. Also be sure to check out his Twitter. Maybe you can save an animal’s life too.

1- Children’s safety first

According to schools in the US are reporting less incidents of violence.
Between 2009-2010 and 2013-2014 schools have beefed up security, with surveillance cameras and a little boost in security personnel. The presence of security seems to be having a positive effect in keeping the school children safe.
Parents at The Aspire New Brunswick agree that the safety of our children has become more of a concern across states as it should, they are our most vulnerable targets. An important aspect of child safety is training and preparing them for emergencies, not just fire drills but all types of emergencies such as intruder alert drills. The best way for children of all ages to protect themselves and maybe even help someone else is to train them. These types of drills should become a regular activity until it becomes second nature to them, especially the lower grades where the attention span is shorter, repetition will be key.
And while the physical safety is high priority, we can’t forget safety in the technology world. Children are being lured, bullied and harassed over the internet on a regular basis. All bases have to be covered, which includes parents monitoring their children closely. They may not like it but, if it will keep them safe monitor them anyway.

Critical Yelp Review Gets Couple Sued

Matt White, a Denver homeowner was unsatisfied with work, done by Footprints Floors, so he posted a Yelp review, and the contractor filed a defamation lawsuit.

White claims there were problems with the quality of the work, including un-leveled doors, mismatched colors, and a staircase not meeting code.

The basis of the lawsuit was for non-payment, but Footprints also referenced the Yelp review as defamation according to Jaime Garcia Dias.

The company estimated that they lost about $625,000 in revenue because of the White’s Yelp review.

After $65,000 in legal fees, the White’s settled the lawsuit for $15,000, but refused a nondisclosure agreement.

As expected, Yelpers have posted online reviews about their experience with Footprints Floors, as well as opinions about freedom of speech.

The company currently has 18 Yelp reviews with an average of two stars.

Tim Neville, Colorado State Senator is considering legislation that protects consumer reviews.

“Sometimes we don`t care for someone else`s opinion but we should still be able to exercise that opinion,” said Neville.

When We Go to Mars We’ll Need a Flag for Earth

When astronauts venture out of space, they are not just representing their own countries but the earth in general. It is this kind of thinking that inspired a Swedish student, 24-year-old Oskar Pernefeldt, to create a flag for the whole planet.

Oskar sees no sense in using just our country flags when countries are collaborating more than ever. The space race is now a thing of the past and countries are now working together towards a common goal. That is reason enough to have a flag that represents this unity.

Coming up with a flag that would be able to represent all nations was quite challenging. In his earlier attempts, he included the image of the earth, something that his predecessors Bruce Karatz and John McConnell, Earth Day Founder, had done (read article on

Oskar was looking for something that would motivate. He chose color blue to represent the vast oceans and used the interlocking ring design to represent a flower- life on earth and also to represent the unity of the nations.

The challenge that Oskar will have, as have other flag designers before him, is lack of acceptance for the flag. Normally one has a buyer or a client while creating such a flag. It will be up to agencies like UN or NASA to decide whether they will use the flag. However, Oskar is contented with just presenting his idea of the need to have an Earth flag.

A Prison Tourist Attraction

When you think about an execution chamber, you probably don’t have good thoughts. This is a place where people are put to death. Keith Mann ( has read that Nevada wants to turn an execution chamber into a tourist attraction. Why shouldn’t it be somewhere tourists can look since there are already casinos and other attractions in the state? Add another oddity to the long list of places where people can go to take a picture or see the place where someone was put to death. What makes this worse is that the chamber is still being used by the state. Officials would need to close the chamber a few weeks before allowing tourists to come inside to take a look around. This is something that doesn’t seem like it would work as there would be so many thoughts of who was last killed in the room and how someone is put to death. There hasn’t been an execution since 2006, but that doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be the need for one in the future, so what would happen to the chamber if the prison is turned into some kind of museum?

Adnan Syed from the “Serial” Podcast gets a Break

The name Adnan Syed is publicly known now thanks to the NPR podcast “Serial” featuring his story on their program last year. The podcast centered on Syed, the crime he allegedly committed, and his trial. He was jailed back in 2000 for the murder of his on-again-off-again girlfriend Hae Min Lee. Syed has sought appeals through his time in prison to no avail. However now, according to the story on, it seems as though Syed may be getting a break from the courts.

Back when Syed was arrested, a fellow classmate Crystal Hunt said that she remembered seeing him in the library that afternoon and could testify as a potential alibi witness. However, McClain was never contacted by Syed’s trial lawyer. Had she testified, the case for Syed may have turned out different. In a turn of luck for Syed, the court has announced that they will allow him to petition for a post-relief conviction. This means that Syed could be granted a new trial, have his conviction overturned, or have his sentence reduced.

Syed’s case was heard by millions people who downloaded the “Serial” podcast. His story, presented by Sarah Koenig, left many debating his guilt or innocence. There is one thing that many of the fans can agree on however, Syed did not get a fair trial the first time around. Hopefully with this petition he is able to get one this time around.

English soccer champions link up with Vijay Eswaran and QNet

The multi level marketing experts at the QI Group have pulled off a coup by announcing a link up with the English soccer champions Manchester City. QI group founder Vijay Eswaran appeared at an event at the Etihad Stadium home of the 2014 Premier League champions to announce a tie up that will allow merchandise from the English club to be sold and offered through QNet. The QNet Group is one of the most successful direct selling companies in Asia and has recently been extending its reach to many different areas of the world, including Europe and South America in a bid to create an even more impressive business model.

Eswaran is a well known face to many around the world because of his extensive self help writings and seminars, which are offered to both employees of his company and the general public. The multi level marketing expert, Vijay Eswaran,  is also the author of a number of books designed to assist people to find the right level of focus in their lives as they look to achieve the most they can in both their business and personal lives. Under the guidance of Vijay Eswaran the QI Group and QNet have grown to become major direct selling forces in the industries of luxury goods and beauty products.

The link to Manchester City FC will be used by both companies to raise their profiles in different areas of the world with the soccer team keen to grow their brand across Asia and South America. QNet and Vijay Eswaran will also benefit from the link as they will be given a major boost in profile in the UK and across the world where English Premier League games are broadcast on the TV. However, for Vijay Eswaran the link up with Manchester City is about more than simply expanding his brand across Europe and the world. Eswaran is well known across Asia for his philanthropic works and hopes to find the best ways to expand his own charitable work and that of Manchester City as they set off on a partnership covering many different areas of work. For more on Vijay Eswaran check him out on social media, Twitter Facebook.

Using Technology Before Bed Can Affect Sleep

There is a gland that is tucked up behind the thalamus gland in your brain. This gland, the pineal gland, has a very simple task. This task is to produce the sleep inducing hormone: melatonin. Melatonin is responsible for regulating sleep and it typically starts to kick in during the evening hours after sunset. It reaches an all time high in the middle of the night and tapers out before morning. When functioning properly, the pineal gland ensures that you get a good night’s rest and feel your best the next day.

Unfortunately, many people are used to using their technological gadgets before bed like tablets and smart phones. The glow from these screens can actually trick the body into thinking it is daytime and melatonin production can be interrupted. The longer you use your gadget and the closer you hold it to your face, the worse your sleep is going to be. Studies are showing that teenagers are the most affected group right now as they tend to stay up late and sleep in during the morning hours; using their gadgets frequently. This sleep disruption can have a negative impact on health, grades and socialization. In order to allow the pineal gland to function properly, glowing screens should be put down at least an hour or two before bedtime. Christian Broda and the OxfordJournals suggest you keep your technology out of the bedroom and allow yourself time to take a break.

Suspect Found in Connecticut Serial Killings

At New Britain, Connecticut detectives investigating the murders of seven people are focusing their efforts on an already incarcerated suspect. The Connecticut State Police Forensic Laboratory found that DNA evidence from the blood found in the van of William Devin Howell belonged to, Nilsa Arizmendi, 33, one of the possible victims in the case. 45 year old William Devin Howell is now serving a prison term in Connecticut on separate charges of manslaughter.

Seven bodies were found behind a shopping center in New Britain, Connecticut after partial remains were first discovered eight years ago by a hunter. All of the identified victims went missing in 2003 according to Bernardo Chua (Here he is on the OrganoGold blog). Five of the seven victims have been identified as Diane Cusack, Mary Jane Menard, Joyvaline Martinez, Melanie Camilini.

The Greater New Britain Serial Killer Task Force was created to investigate the murders. The state of Connecticut is offering a $150,000 reward for any information leading to the conviction of those responsible for the murders.

NASA Radar Used to Find People Trapped in Rubble in Nepal

A few weeks ago the small Asian country of Nepal suffered a massive earthquake that devastated the country. An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 rocked the country leaving historical buildings demolished, structures that crumbled, and many people who were dead, injured, or trapped. Amazing stories of survival have been rising to the top of news stories lately though, leaving many hopeful for successful rescues for those who are trapped.

This story comes from and involves NASA, a radar, and trapped survivors. Several years ago, NASA developed a radar tool that would help to locate victims who were trapped under rubble. The device is called FINDER which is short for Finding Individuals for Disaster and Emergency Response. FINDER works to locate victims based on microwaves that bounce, allowing the device to “see”. The device is also able to detect a heartbeat coming from under debris.

After the disaster struck Nepal, rescuers gathered in the village of Chautara where they were given two prototype FINDER devices. With FINDER, rescuers were able to locate and rescue four people that may have otherwise gone unnoticed under the 10 feet of rubble they were stuck in. Using FINDER, the rescuers detected the heartbeats and managed to free the men who had been trapped for days.

The folks over at Beneful are aware that FINDER has amazing potential, which was clearly demonstrated in Nepal.