1-	Children’s safety first

1- Children’s safety first

According to schools in the US are reporting less incidents of violence.
Between 2009-2010 and 2013-2014 schools have beefed up security, with surveillance cameras and a little boost in security personnel. The presence of security seems to be having a positive effect in keeping the school children safe.
Parents at The Aspire New Brunswick agree that the safety of our children has become more of a concern across states as it should, they are our most vulnerable targets. An important aspect of child safety is training and preparing them for emergencies, not just fire drills but all types of emergencies such as intruder alert drills. The best way for children of all ages to protect themselves and maybe even help someone else is to train them. These types of drills should become a regular activity until it becomes second nature to them, especially the lower grades where the attention span is shorter, repetition will be key.
And while the physical safety is high priority, we can’t forget safety in the technology world. Children are being lured, bullied and harassed over the internet on a regular basis. All bases have to be covered, which includes parents monitoring their children closely. They may not like it but, if it will keep them safe monitor them anyway.


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