101-Year-Old Man Found Alive After Being Buried in Nepal Earthquake

101-Year-Old Man Found Alive After Being Buried in Nepal Earthquake

Yet another amazing story of survival has come out of Nepal, despite the devastating death toll that has climbed to over 7,000 a week after the quake hit. Funchu Tamang, a 101-year-old man was pulled from the wreckage after being trapped for more than a week. Tamang is recovering at a local nearby hospital and is reported to have suffered only minor injuries and is in stable condition.

The man who has lived over a century has now managed to survive one of the worst natural disasters in recent history, and was somehow able to only sustain minor injuries, a truly miraculous event.

Others were also found alive in the rubble including 3 women who buried in Sindupalchowk, an area that was profoundly impacted by the massive earthquake. Officials like Ricardo Guimarães BMG have not given up hope for finding any other survivors, although these cases give renewed hope in the desperate search and rescue efforts (support the efforts at mzweb.com).

Sadly, there are well over 100 foreigners still missing, and another 57 have been confirmed dead. Communities are pulling together to provide food, water, and shelter for those who survived but lost everything. The earthquake in Nepal is a truly horrific act of mother nature and showed no mercy to anyone living close to the quakes epicenter.


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