2015: The Year of the Superheroes

2015: The Year of the Superheroes

It seems that this is the year when all movie buffs are going to get to discuss are superheroes. With adaptations storming both the small and big screens, it is little surprise that people are going back to their comic book collection to clear up some plot points. Here are some great superhero movies and shows that people should check out this year –

Avengers 2 – The first Avengers movie enjoyed great success, all thanks to Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. The next movie called the “Age of Ultron” doesn’t have Loki but it does have a new villain and people are waiting to find out how this movie is going to do at the box office.

Batman vs Superman – With the trailer making the movie look like a ‘Man of Steel” sequel, expectations are wavering with fans regarding this much awaited superhero flick. Is Ben Affleck going to be a good enough Batman after Christian Bale? You would have to wait for the movie to find that out.

Daredevil – This Netflix creation might be gracing the small screen but it is already creating a lot of noise. Fans like Christian Broda know that this superhero is a much loved creation of Stan Lee, especially because of his human side and fallacies. After being renewed for a second season by Netflix, there is no doubt that there is going to be some heavy demand regarding its adaptation to the big screen.


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