21-Year-Old Elected to Office in Michigan

21-Year-Old Elected to Office in Michigan

In an ugly election season, it’s important to find uplifting news wherever possible. Dearborn, Michigan, delivered exciting political news on Tuesday by electing the youngest state rep in the history of the Great Lake State. Jewell Jones is headed to the Statehouse at age 21 after a decisive victory with  66%  of the vote.


Mr. Jones is a senior studying political science and finance at the University of Michigan’s Dearborn campus. He has not yet said if he’ll be taking a break from college to focus on his legislative duties. He’s currently an officer in the Army Reserve’s JROTC and a member of several student organizations.


This won’t be Jones’ first time in politics. Last year, at the age of 20, he was elected the youngest member of the Inkster City Council. He has built on his childhood experiences serving his community and observing his parents’ involvement in the city. Jones saw an opportunity to run for legislative office after the incumbent, Julie Plawecki, passed away unexpectedly.


National requirements for holding state legislative office vary, with most constitutions requiring representatives and senators to be between 21 and 25. Michigan’s is one of the lower requirements in the country, allowing this 21 year old to hold office. Hopefully, he will continue to work with his constituents and bring a fresh new voice to the Michigan House of Representatives.




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