300 Animals Taken To NYC Animal Shelters

300 Animals Taken To NYC Animal Shelters

Memorial Day was a busy day for animal shelters in New York. Three hundred animals were taken to the shelter. These animals were either strays or were given up by owners who no longer wanted them. Animal Care Centers put an announcement saying that they needed volunteers to help out at the shelter. They were also looking for people to adopt the animals.

ACC stated that they typically get 40 to 60 animals per day. However, they got 160 animals during Memorial Day weekend. Kitten season is also in full swing. One-hundred kittens were dropped off at the NYC shelters during Memorial Day weekend. These kittens require special care and attention.

There is also an increase in kitten births during the spring and summer season. Katy Hansen is a spokesperson for ACC. She is trying to help people keep their pets by helping them with food, medical care and behavioral training. She stated that it is important for kittens to spend the first few weeks of their lives with their mom.

Phyllis Taino is the founder of Four Paws Sake animal rescue. She stated that adoptions slow down during the spring months. Many people go on vacation during this time of the year, and they do not want to care for their pet. Unfortunately, many people use vacation as an excuse to get rid of their pets.


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