Keith Mann Introduces New Scholarships

Keith Mann Introduces New Scholarships

2016 seems to have started on a high note for the Uncommon Schools. This is because of a recent announcement made by the founder of Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann. According to the CEO of this company, the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement will be introduced in the schools very soon. According to the philanthropist and educational activist, the new award will be mostly focused on appreciating young people who have shown the potential of becoming the leaders of the upcoming generation.

When making the announcement about the new introductions, Keith Mann also said that his institution will also be working in partnership with the Uncommon Schools, a non-profit making organization that is headquartered in the New York City. The two institutions will work closely to ensure that a student from the Uncommon Schools, who is graduating from senior school gets an opportunity to attend college for four years, and at the end of the day, acquire a degree.

The councilors and students from the Uncommon Charter High School are very excited about the new introduction. They understand just how much their institution will benefit from the new scholarship, and that’s why they have welcomed the new move with open arms. They have termed it as a generous move that will not only help the needy students but the community at large.

To qualify for the new scholarship, the students must be graduating from the Uncommon Charted High School. The students must also convince the judges by writing an essay containing one thousand words. In the essay, they should clearly indicate how the scholarship offered will help them in achieving their professional goals of the future.

The application was expected to start on February 29 and end on 31 March. According to Keith Mann, the scholarship will develop to help the students coming from the Uncommon Schools, who are from the needy families. Using the knowledge acquired in the college for four years, the students will be of great help to the community and also become good leaders of the coming generation. These beneficiaries can then help other people too in the future.