8 Model Tips on How Be Red Carpet Ready

8 Model Tips on How Be Red Carpet Ready


Everyone feels a bit awkward in group photos and rarely glamorous. Buzzfeed’s team had the model Zorana Mitic shows them how to look like you are on a red carpet in any photo. Use model tips to get the best party photos so you can look naturally beautiful.

1. Showcase what you have. Consider what people compliment you the most on and what makes you smile when you mention a feature of yours. If you focus on your best, you will shine.

2. If you breathe in just before a photo, you will look longer and stronger. But hold your breath during the shot.

3.Use a purse or scarf to not show what you don’t want to show. Not everything has to be up for grabs.

4. Bring your shoulders back and chest out. You want to create a striking line and form with your body. Remain relaxed. Focus on the tip particularly if your back is to the camera and you looking back at the lens.

5. Part your lips and focus intensely into the camera lens.

6. Showcase you. No need to be boring. People fall in love with a personality, and so does the camera. When you play into your character, your body will become more natural and relaxed. Show you!

7. Confidence is everything. Even if you don’t feel confident, exude it. Think of how confident you want to seem and act like it. Once you pretend enough, it will come to you.

8. If you love the hand on hip pose, place your hand higher than your widest point. Also, be soft. You don’t want to look like strained. This pose is showcasing your waist and creates a streamlined figure. Cross your legs to place the eye on your waist.

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