81 Years of Service, With no Plans of Stopping

81 Years of Service, With no Plans of Stopping

In today’s ever changing world, it has become normal to change jobs and work for a new company every few years. Gone are the good old days where you left college, landed a good job and retired from that job after 30 years or service.


For Phil Coyne, the world can change all it wants to, but he is happy working the same job, day in and day out. He started working as an usher for the Pittsburgh Pirates when he was 18 years old. April 26th, 2017 Phil turned 99 years old, and he has yet to retire. For over 80 years he has been a fixture greeting and seating people in the park. That is more then double what a normal person will work in their lifetime. While most people like their jobs and their paychecks, Phil does it for the love of his job.


On Wednesday, the Pirates celebrated his years of service by presenting him with his very own jersey with the number 99 on it to celebrate his 99th birthday. Adrian Garro, a writer for MLB.com called him an inspiration. Fans love him and he loves the fans. He has grown friendships with the regulars and is happy to speak with any fan who is lucky enough to meet Phil at a game.


His great niece dubbed him “The kindest person in the world” in an article by Dave Crawley from CBS Pittsburgh. After 81 years, he has no plans on hanging up his ball cap. There is no reason to talk about retirement. He loves his job and over the years has had the opportunity to see legends work their magic on the ball field. So if you make your way to PNC Park to catch a game, stop and say hello to Phil.



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