93-year-old Attending Own Funeral

93-year-old Attending Own Funeral

Ninety-three-year-old Ethel Leather plans to attend her own funeral before she’s even dead. The spry great-grandmother who has already outlived two husbands says that the idea started out as a joke when she was traveling through Poland with her 73-year-old daughter. She says that her daughter told her what she wanted to do at her Mom’s funeral to honor her long life, and jokingly asked her Mother if she wanted to come. Ethel said that she willingly accepted the offer to come. Ethel’s family will host the party at an English pub on February 23, 2018.

While the family is keeping many of the details a secret, they have said that Ethel will be invited to sing karaoke. She will probably sing her favorite song which is “When I Leave This World Behind” by Al Jolson. Ethel’s funeral party will include more than eight siblings, four offspring and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Her daughter says that the family has not all been in one place for many years, so everyone is looking forward to having a great time.

Ethel was born in 1925 in a camper in Surrey, England, but she moved to Derby, England, as a young child. She married her first husband when she was 16 years old, and she buried her second husband when she was 88. Ethel worked for many years on the assembly line at the Rolls Royce factory.

Ethel says that while she realizes that the idea started out as a joke, she is really looking forward to attending her own funeral. Along with her family, numerous friends from different parts of Ethel’s life are expected to be in attendance. Ethel’s son says that it will be an extreme honor to celebrate his mother’s legacy while she is still alive.


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