A 100-Year-Old Irishman Buys an Electric Car

A 100-Year-Old Irishman Buys an Electric Car

John Walsh, a 100-year-old retired accountant from Ireland recently purchased a vehicle, which runs 100 percent on electricity and produces zero emissions, in order to fight global warming.


John Walsh admits it. He never planned in buying a new car, especially at his age. In fact, this is the first new car that he has ever bought. Walsh, who will turn 101 next month, is concerned about the consequences of obtaining energy from fossil fuels and wants to do whatever it is in his control to help the environment. The Nissan LEAF can save consumers thousands of dollars a year, and according to statistics, if Walsh would have utilized this vehicle since he started driving, he would have saved more than $150,000 already.


The Irishman started driving in 1930, and the first car he used was his father’s Ford Model T, model which radically impacted the car industry. He still remembers how much he used this car, which used to go no faster than 20mph. Walsh wants to take a trip of more than 200 kilometers towards Foynes, the place where he grew up and first drove a car. The Nissan LEAF can cover such distances with a single charge, which is quite remarkable. Walsh prefers to charge his new car at home.


Walsh’s father was an electrician, who helped Wash build his home in Clonmel. According to Walsh, for years there was not electricity at Clonmel, and it took years to arrive. The chief executive officer of Nissan Ireland James McCarthy thinks that electric vehicles will revolutionize the car industry, just like the Ford Model T did many decades ago. The chief executive officer is also wary of the impact of fossil fuels, and he feels proud that Walsh is a customer since he represents an important link in the automobile industry.


Walsh admits that he is a late convert in regards to environmental matters, but he still wants to play his part. But he deeply believes in global warming and that everyone should do something in order to protect the environment. Walsh loves his new car and currently drives it a lot, especially to visit his friends. He wants soon to go to places such as Dungarvan and Holy Cross, places which are also dear to his heart and bring him a lot of memories. Walsh currently lives in Tipperary, County which is located in Ireland.



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