A Biography of Newly-Minted Willis Towers Watson CFO Michael Burwell

A Biography of Newly-Minted Willis Towers Watson CFO Michael Burwell

The newest Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson is Michael Burwell. Mr. Michael Burwell has been a dedicated professional for many years in the financial services realm. He has worked very hard to get to this point, and his prior track record speaks for itself.


Burwell’s litany of experience includes 31 prior years of experience with Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC). He was employed there for 11 years as an auditing professional helping clients with these needs and maintaining assurance practice for the firm. He also worked in the transaction services practice in Detroit. This was an even more important role for him, simply because of the fact that he had made partner in the firm.


Even though he had immense success during his time at PWC’s Detroit division, his career continued to take off when he was assigned the role of the regional Transactional Services Leader for the central area of this nationwide company. Interesting enough, Michael Burwell has actually been a CFO before. Just a year after his transactional position he was promoted to CFO of PWC’s United States division in 2008. In all of his roles with PWC, Mr. Burwell has emphasized organizational leadership and efficiency across all areas of the spectrum.


He brought his wealth of experience to Willis Towers Watson in October of 2017 and replaced the outgoing CFO Roger Millay. John Haley is the CEO of Willis Towers Watson and he couldn’t be happier with Burwell joining the team. Haley especially looks forward to Burwell being able to utilize his expertise in finance, transactions, and transformations to help Willis Towers Watson be able to integration and move on through the remainder of the 21st Century.


“I am honored to have this opportunity,” Michael Burwell said. He also noted how he was impressed with the leadership strength, client commitment, and the culture of collaboration and inclusion. Burwell also noted that Roger Millay was mainly responsible for this type of culture at Willis Towers Watson and he promised to continue to expand on that on a daily basis. Burwell is also prepared educationally for this endeavor, with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Michigan State University. Burwell is also a CPA. He will definitely be a huge asset to this large company.  Go To This Page for related information.


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