A Birthday Made Special with the Help of a Disney Princess

A Birthday Made Special with the Help of a Disney Princess

As a child, one of your favorite days of the year can be your birthday. Along with that comes your birthday party. For seven year old Leyana of Arvada, Colorado, she planned her party down to the last detail. However, despite handing out invitations to everyone in her class, none of her classmates ended up showing up.

Yet, things took a turn for the better when Leyana answered the door to see her favorite Disney princess Elsa, (from “Frozen,”) standing there.

Lindsay Robert, who portrayed the Frozen princess, described the experience in a Facebook post as “soul crushing,” and went on to say that, “When I open the door, I’m used to all the kids running up to me. But she was just all by herself. Just looking down. Just so sad and she just launched herself into my arms.”

But Leyana didn’t stay sad for long, as Elsa and her began to dance, sing, play games, and become quick friends. They ate the pizza and cake ordered for the party and ended up having a magical time. But, before they knew it, time came for Elsa and Leyana to part ways.

But the fairy tale story didn’t end there. Roberts, (Elsa,) returned days later to Leyana’s home, but this time she didn’t come alone. With her was another actress portraying Elsa’s sister, Anna. The trio enjoyed more singing, dancing, and even had Leyana reading boots to the princesses!

Roberts, in a Facebook post, recalls the return visit to Leyana’s by saying, “Today I saw a different child. Still shy, still sweet, but full of life and joy.”

Elsa helped make a child’s fairytale dream a reality and turned a terrible birthday into one that Leyana will never, ever forget.


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