A Brave Cow Avoids the Slaughterhouse

A Brave Cow Avoids the Slaughterhouse

A cow from Nysa, Poland, in order to avoid a slaughterhouse, swam over 30 miles towards the islands near the reservoir Nyskie Lake.

There have been several interesting and intriguing news about cows since the beginning of 2018. Last month, Hermien, a cow from the Netherlands, also anticipated that it was going to be send to the slaughterhouse, so the bovine left its dwell and fled for the woods. Another one from Poland also escaped. However, this one joined a herd of bison.

And another cow, also from Poland, after escaping from its owner, currently dwells on an island. The cow has been living there for a few weeks. The cow also attacks anyone it sees. According to the owner Lukasz, the cow, before it was taken to a lorry, charged towards a metallic fence and headed towards the reservoir Nyskie Lake. It must also be mentioned that the cow’s transition towards the lake was not smooth, for resistance was involved. One of the employees tried to stop the cow. But he ended up with a broken arm and several damaged ribs.

Thus, the cow started to swim. And according to the baffled owner, the cow even dived underwater at intervals. For days, Lukasz and his coworkers tried to bring back the bold cow. But the cow would leave to another island every time it felt threaten. Over time, Lukasz gave up. He would only make sure that the cow had enough food to survive.

Lukasz even contacted the fire department. However, this time the cow swam over 30 miles towards a neighboring peninsula. Lukasz also hired a veterinarian. But the veterinarian run out of gas cartridges. And he was not going to be able to obtain new gas cartridges in weeks.

At one point, Lukasz considered killing the animal. But the cow had obtained a lot of popularity on the media by then. Thankfully, Pawel Kukiz, a politician and former musician, interfered. According to Kukiz, the cows’ bravery is to be admired. She never yielded, for instance, to her owner or the firefighters. The politician also wants the cow to be delivered to a safe place so that it can retire and die from natural causes. The politician will also pay for all of the expenses.


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