A Cat Brings Help to a Boy Facing Bullying

A Cat Brings Help to a Boy Facing Bullying

Madden Humphreys is a seven-year old boy that was born with a cleft lip and palate. He was also born with eyes that function properly, but one eye is a different color from the other one. Madden’s cleft lip and palate were surgically corrected, and he has a small scar from that procedure. The young man never let anything get him down.

When Madden started into school, that is when the bullying began. Some of the other children in his school started to make unkind references to the fact that Madden’s eyes were of different colors and that he had a scar above his upper lip.

Bullying will get anyone down, and it was bothering Madden. However, Madden was about to find a friend with a similar condition.

One day, while searching on Facebook, Madden’s mom came across a post of a cat who was up for adoption in an animal shelter in Minnesota. This cat had a cleft lip, and it had eyes of different colors. She wanted to bring Madden and this cat together, but the Humphrey family lived 1,000 miles away in Oklahoma.

Several generous people donated the funds so that Madden and his family could make the trek from Oklahoma to Minnesota to get the cat. When Madden and the cat whose name is Moon met, they took to one another right away.

Moon is now with Madden in Oklahoma, and the cat is bringing much joy to the boy who now feels as if he has a true friend. There has even been an Instagram account set up that will show the growing relationship between Madden and a cat named Moon.


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