A City’s Compassion For A New Father Without a Job

A City’s Compassion For A New Father Without a Job

It is hard to imagine that someone would welcome a newborn child and be fired from his job in the same day. According to a story ran by the Huffington Post, that is exactly what happened to Lamar Austin of Concord, NH.


His wife, Lindsay, went into labor and had to be rushed to the hospital on the last day of this year. Understandably, Austin wanted to be with his wife during the birth of their son. He requested two days off from his job as a part-time security guard. The article says that he worked for a company named Salerno Protective Services.


On the first of January, the Austin family greeted their new baby to the family and named him Caiman. He was officially the first baby to be born in the city of Concord in 2017, states the article. Lamar Austin said in the article that it was what he should do as a father. He needed to be there for his wife and family, he said.


Austin was not prepared for what happened right before his son was born. His boss sent a text at 1 a.m., saying that he no longer had a job because of his absences. It did not matter that Austin had perfect attendance before this rush to the hospital. In a quote in the Huffington Post, Austin says that he was too concerned about his wife and new baby to worry about the job.


Another publication collaborated Austin’s story of faithfulness. The Concord Monitor shared with its readers how this military veteran lost his job just because he was attending the birth of his son. Readers were outraged at the injustice and started to send Austin good job offers, says the article.


After looking through all the generous job offers, Austin says that he plans to pursue an offer to be an electrician apprentice. The offer came from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in Concord. Its business manager, Denis Beaudoin, saw Austin’s story in the Concord Monitor and made the offer, says the article.


Another concerned citizen of Concord stood up for the Austin family. The article explains that Sara Persechino is a former board member of the town and is a fierce advocate of the Family & Medical Leave Act. Through her efforts, a Go Fund Me page was started for the Austins. So far, $6,000 has been raised to help them while Austin starts work. He told the Huffington Post that he does not regret his decision to stand by his family. As a memento, he still wears the name band that he got in the delivery room, says the article.



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