A Lady with Down’s syndrome Changes the Face of Beauty Pageants

A Lady with Down’s syndrome Changes the Face of Beauty Pageants

Today, much focus has gone towards the provision of equal opportunities to disabled people. The medical fraternity has put more effort into finding solutions to a variety of disabilities. However, till then, the society has moved to provide a level playfield allowing disabled people to participate in various social events. Of late, a woman with Down’s syndrome featured in Miss Minnesota pageant in the course of the weekend. Mikayla Holmgren proceeded to become the first person with the disability to star in Miss USA state pageant. While addressing the KSTP news in the aftermath of the event, she said that her passion for the industry and practice enabled her to overcome the challenges and turnout as good as she was.

Mikayla Holmgren, the 22-year old, has participated in several pageants before landing this great opportunity. In 2015, she was crowned Miss Minnesota Junior Miss Amazing. After the Minnesota pageants in 2015, she would then represent the state of Minnesota in the Junior Miss Amazing pageant held in Los Angeles. A few minutes with her will tell you of the will, belief, and the enthusiasm that she exhibits. Kalie Wright won the Minnesota Pageant while Ms. Holmgren received the Spirit of Miss USA award together with the Director’s Award.

She was born six weeks before the due date. While she lacked an esophagus, she has lived with the determination of proving that disability doesn’t define anyone not unless you let it. She is a student at Bethel University and has been dancing since she was a little girl. Holmgren hopes that the world will change its perception of disabled people and the beauty concept. According to Dennis Wallace, the executive of Minnesota USA pageant, her talent, and self-confidence shines brighter than her disability. People with disability are just as beautiful as the others. Her strength and confidence inspire with awe.


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