A Little Girl Finds a Medal and Shows Her Mettle

A Little Girl Finds a Medal and Shows Her Mettle

While all that glitters may not be gold, it turned out the sparkle that caught the eye of 6-year-old Chloe Smith was exactly that. While taking a walk with her father down an Atlanta street, Chloe saw some trash on the side of the road. In it, what looked like a gold medal caught her eye.

A few weeks earlier in Atlanta, Olympic gold medalist Joe Jacobi lost his gold medal when someone broke into his car. The thief stole several of his possessions, including the 1992 gold medal he won at the Barcelona Olympics for the slalom canoeing event. Many of the stolen times were recovered, but the gold medal was not among them.

Chloe’s father believed his daughter had found the stolen medal he had seen on the news. Her mother, however, was a bit more skeptical until she did a bit of research. When she realized the medal may have been real, she reached out to Joe Jacobi through email in an attempt to reunite him with it.

Chloe and Joe spoke on the phone, and during the conversation Chloe offered to give the medal back to its rightful owner. In return, Joe gave the girl a $500 reward and promised to come and speak in front of her class in the fall. The two