A Look At UKV PLC And Their Wine Brokerage Services

A Look At UKV PLC And Their Wine Brokerage Services

UKV PLC is a wine consulting company that is based in England. Its main company office is located in Croydon, which is a town south of the city of London.

The address for UKV PlC’s main office is inside the AMP House on Dingwall Road, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 2LX. Additionally, the firm has a London office, that is located within the actual city of London. This secondary office is located inside the Portland House on Bressenden Place, London SW1E 5RS. You can reach UKV PLC by phone at 0207 471 8030 and contact them through the web by sending a message to ukvplc.com.

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Wine storage is one of the services that UKV PLC offers through the London City Bond. The London City is a private tax warehouse in the United Kingdom. London City Bond warehouses are climate controlled and will maintain a constant temperature and humidity. This will help ensure preservation of the wine as well as proper maturation. The wine storage areas are also free from sunlight and vibrations. This further helps to preserve the wine for your own personal consumption later down the road or as an investment.

If you choose to store wine through UKV PLC at the London City Bond, you have two options for insurance. One is the limited insurance cover plan. This will insurance your wine against all risks at the warehouse, but will limit the coverage to a max amount of 7,500 pounds per each 9 liter case. The initial charge for storing wine at the London City Bond warehouse is 1.08 pounds per case plus any value added tax per each month for the remaining calendar year.

The second option is the unlimited insurance plan. It initially costs 1.62 pounds per case plus any value added tax on the wine. The wine will be insured against all risks and there is no reimbursement limit in this insurance option.

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