A Man’s Interesting Journey to Feed Those Displaced in Baton Rouge

A Man’s Interesting Journey to Feed Those Displaced in Baton Rouge

The sad situation in Baton Rouge, LA is one of those unfortunate occurrences that cannot be prevented. Massive rainfall has led to incredible amounts of flooding. The people living in the Baton Rouge area who were unable to evacuate must contend with the current situation. Natural disasters cannot be stopped. They can only be prepared for in the best manner possible. Even then, the situation prevents and incredible number of risks.

The good deeds of those persons willing to help people impacted by a natural disaster does aid in alleviating some of the problems. Christian Dornhorst is one such good person. “Good” might not be the right adjective. He is the embodiment of all that is positive about human beings. Dornhorst took time out of his left and money out of his own pocket, $850 worth, to barbecue 108 lbs. of brisket for people who have been displaced during the emergency. His wife and daughter helped him with the cooking duties.

Humorously, Dornhurst wanted to help but he did not know where to help. No problem, he simply hitched a smoker to his truck and allowed the meat to cook as he drove. Some eventually directed Dornhurst to a place where displaced residents were staying. He traveled there and served up dinner. The eventual location he arrived at was a movie studio soundstage. Louisiana has several soundstages as the state attracts a lot of Hollywood productions thanks to tax breaks. When a soundstage is not in use, the huge interior is completely empty. Hence, a soundstage is a perfect place to keep huge numbers of people safe.

Maybe one day Hollywood will make a movie out of Dornhurst’s good deeds.


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