A Police Officer and Gold The American Bully Bond After a “Vicious Dog” Call

A Police Officer and Gold The American Bully Bond After a “Vicious Dog” Call

Often times, pit bull and bully breeds get a bad rep. They’re seen as being dangerous and out of control. This way of thinking has many people scared when they encounter one of these dogs on the streets. That’s exactly what happened recently in Texas. The outcome, however, was much different than what you could have expected.


According to Reddit, a Texas Police Officer took the call of a vicious dog that was near a home. The officer arrived on scene and took all the proper precautions. He left his car door open in case he needed to jump in right away. Luckily, it never got to that point. As soon as he pulled up and whistled at the dog, the dog trotted over with its tail wagging. A few moments later the dog had jumped into the officer’s car and made himself at home.


What then formed was an unlikely friendship between a police officer and what was thought to be a vicious dog. The two took some cute pictures together and posted them on social media. The owner was eventually found and as it turns out, the dog is just a big sweetheart named Gold.


The police department was able to turn this into a lesson. They made a post encouraging everyone to not discriminate based on breeds. The police officer who may have saved the dog’s life wants everyone to know that they should be cautious around unfamiliar dogs but not automatically assume that all bully breeds will attack. This story had a best-case scenario. A dog who may look intimidating ended up being a very friendly pooch.


Gold was eventually returned to his family who was very grateful for the positive outcome. The police officer in this case even said that the whole entire police department will now use this as a learning experience for “vicious dog” calls that may come in the future.


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