A professional enthusiast and businesswoman- Susan McGalla

A professional enthusiast and businesswoman- Susan McGalla

Women who want to go into business have information at their disposal. Unfortunately, some of this information may be misleading. The beauty about it is as time is moving, more and more women want to be referred to as professionals. This means that they are not taking the fact that being a woman earns them any favors in the society. Instead, they are working harder and smarter to acquire their positions in different industries. Susan P. McGalla is one of the women who has learned the importance of working towards their success.

Susan P. McGalla currently owns and runs a consultancy firm, P3 Executive Consulting. She has worked for many years to earn her current business position in Pittsburgh. The consulting firm deals with matters around management of talent, branding, efficient operations and marketing among others. She is the daughter of a football coach and has two brothers. She attributes her success to her family as she grew up knowing that a position was earned and not laid on the table because of her gender. The fact that she was referred to as an individual and not a girl shaped her mentality. She encourages other women to pick up this mentality through her talks on women in business. Some of these talks have been held at the Carnegie Mellon University, as she spoke to different Chief Executive Officers and Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh. The professional aspect of referring to a woman in business is admirable to her. The more the women embrace the mentality of being referred to us professionals, the more the evolution.

Susan McGalla attended Mount Union College for her BA before starting her career. She began at the Joseph Horne Company before later joining the American Eagle Outfitters. The amount of experience and skill set she gained in these two companies is what she used to start her own business. At the American Eagle Outfitters, she worked hard and successfully climbed the ranks to President of the company. For 10 years, she was part of creating a successful and motivational work culture where both women and men worked in harmony. As the President of the company, she was in charge of the profits and losses, overlooked the e-commerce site, handled huge revenue amounts and was in charge of four brands. The retail world was something she was passionate about. She built a career out of her passion and grew it to a successful company. She encourages other women to find something they are passionate about and making an empire from it.


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