A Quick Guide to Kabbalah

A Quick Guide to Kabbalah

So What Is Kabbalah?

Kabbalah is the spiritual side of Judaism. A person who is an expert or that is well versed in Kabbalah is called a rebbe. This should be confused with a Rabi, who is the Jewish version of priest and pastor. Another term for an expert in Kabbalah is a kabbalist althrough a rebbe is the more correct term.

There are hundreds of volumes of books written on Kabbalah that date back to thousands of years ago. One of the defining principles of Kabbalah is that it is open to interpretation. It attempts to define our purpose in life through faith and spirituality. Kabbalah also seeks to make us better as human beings and draw us closer to God and the divine light or enlightenment.

It is said that Kabbalah has had tremendous influence on eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. The idea of enlightenment, reincarnation and wisdom can be said to originate from Kabbalah. Meditation is another concept that could be originally kabbalistic in nature.

The main document of Kabbalah study is the Zohar. It was compiled by one of the great religious scholars and kabbalists of the time called Simeon bar Yochai. The Zohar and Kabbalah in general can be said to be a spiritual and mystical interpretation of the Torah.

How You Can Get Involved And Study Kabbalah

Trying to dig into a volume of Kabbalah works may leave you even more confused than ever before. The text was written by and designed to be studied by religious scholars. There are ways that the average person who is not a Jewish religious scholar or kabbalist can benefit from the words of wisdom found in works of Kabbalah.

The Kabbalah Centre was founded with the mission to help regular people understand and benefit from the teachings of the Kabbalah. It prints works on the Kabbalah and has its own publication house. The books published by Kabbalah help the average person with no knowledge of Judaism or kabbalah study and understand Kabbalah and apply it to their own life.

The Kabbalah Centre also has actual Kabbalah centers where a person who has studied Kabbalah gives lectures on the subject. These centers offer classes on Kabbalah that are open to everybody. They provide people with an opportunity to learn Kabbalah in a classroom like setting and collaborate with peers. The Kabbalah Centre operates learning centers all over the world on all the major continents including even Africa and Australia.


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