A Simple Act of Kindness In Walmart Inspires People Around the World

A Simple Act of Kindness In Walmart Inspires People Around the World

A simple act performed by a cashier in Walmart is making people feel inspired. According to a Facebook post that has since become viral for being so uplifting and inspiring, the cashier did a simple act of kindness to help out a man in his moment of trouble. The man was all flustered when he was counting his change. There was a large line behind him. He miscounted and started becoming more and more flustered because of the pressure of not wanting to hold up so many people. The cashier noticed what was happening and calmly and kindly took his hand in hers and said that it is not a problem and that they will do this thing together.

This made the man feel immediately at ease. It was this simple act of kindness and the human touch that made him feel better. The person who posted the Facebook post immediately took a picture to capture the moment. The person who posted the Facebook post then went ahead and thanked the cashier. The cashier just said that we have forgotten what it means to be nice to other people. The person who posted the post said that the cashier seemed a little embarrassed that it was mentioned to her, showing that it was a normal occurrence for this cashier and that it was not out of the ordinary. The Facebook poster then went ahead and contacted the manager of the Walmart branch to tell them about the cashier’s act of kindness. The manager said that this was very much like the cashier.

After the person posted the Facebook post, she started receiving messages from many people who said that this was what the world needed. Many people just need to see something positive and inspiring in their lives.


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