A Woman’s Bike is Stolen and What Happens Next is Heartwarming

A Woman’s Bike is Stolen and What Happens Next is Heartwarming

When you find yourself in a pickle, you’d be surprised at who comes to your aid. More often than not, it’s strangers who step in to help. That’s exactly what happened to one woman who had her bike stolen. She made a giant sign asking for the return of her bike and she could never have envisioned what would happen next. There was such an outpouring of support and it truly restores your faith in humanity.

According to Reddit, a woman had her bike stolen and she was heartbroken. It was her way that she got to and from work. She decided to make a giant cardboard sign calling out the thief for taking her only method of transportation. She also shamed him and mentioned that she could not afford another one. Although the thief didn’t come forward, others did help out. The sign was only up for a short while when the woman’s doorbell rang. Two young teens had brought a bike over. They said they had an extra one laying around and wanted to donate it. Although it was a smaller bike for a child, the woman was appreciative.

Next, the woman’s doorbell rang again. A woman didn’t have much to offer but she wanted to help. She gave the poor lady a hug and asked if there was anything she could do. The woman with the stolen bike was just happy to be reminded that strangers can be nice.

Finally, an older man rang her doorbell. He offered to buy her sign for $200. He wasn’t just doing it to help her get a bike. The man said he actually fancies art and wanted the sign for his gallery. Apparently, the sign had gained quite the following on Instagram and many people were striking up a conversation about it. The woman with the stolen bike didn’t buy a new one with the $200. Instead, she fixed up the kids bike she was originally given in hopes to pass it along.


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