A$AP Rocky “Testing” Album Review

A$AP Rocky “Testing” Album Review

A$AP gets highly experimental and personal in his third studio album “Testing”. In his large performance hosted at Sotheby’s titled LAB RAT, Rocky embodied high art. This was hinted to when he swapped his tux for an orange jumpsuit indicating his transformation as an artist.




In Testing, his solo outing without the help of his late confidante and buddy A$AP Yams, he relies on instinct to create a mesmerizing sound and embolden his repertoire. In this album, A$AP simply goes with what he likes and churns what he doesn’t. Essentially, in Testing, it can be said that he combines refined taste and curiosity remarkably well. His performance was fairly basic as he mashes and mixes sound and friction into a flavor that leaves the palate dreary.




On the track “Gunz and Butter”, Rocky’s vocal is heavily distorted and float on top of Project Pat’s clunky high pitched “Still Riding Clean” sample accompanied by ad-libs from Juicy J. Interestingly Rocky’s lackluster flow flows in and out of sync to Pat’s signature hook. Here, the effect generates a disconcerting rhythm hard to play using record scratches. The end result? A production that is made of conflicting sounds that hiss and stagger in your eardrum like a crumbling Tower of Pisa.




Likewise, “Calldrops” features the same type of composition style. This track fuses Dave Bixby’s “Morning Sun” to Rocky’s and Dean Blunt’s nonsensical crooning’s though it later cedes its dramatics to Kodak Black’s rap. On the other hand, Kodak has his vocals jumbled in a manner that makes the production a grating piece of work for any serious music connoisseur. Though these tracks impress by their aimlessness, nonetheless they are still remarkable compositions. A$AP’s support for Kodak comes off as instinctual invalidating his longstanding romantic escapade with Southern rap. It is as if Rocky is desperately trying to meld method with insight and process with vision.



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