Abducted Girl Found in Memphis

Abducted Girl Found in Memphis

Police found Rebecca Lewis, a 4-year-old girl who had gone missing two states away from her home state of Florida. Authorities arrested a 31-year-old man, West Wild Hogs, with the suspicion that he kidnapped the girl.


Lewis was found safely on Monday.


“There’s no indication that the child has been harmed,” said Polk County, Florida Sheriff Grady Judd. “We’re excited.”


Lewis went missing Friday after Hogs, a family friend who had not been seen for two years, appeared at the mobile home her family was staying in. An Amber Alert was issued on Saturday after her family could not find their daughter or Hogs.


Hogs, who legally changed his name from Matthew Clark Pybus, immediately became the subject of a multi-state Amber Alert.


Hogs was seen with Lewis on Monday at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, over 800 miles from Lewis’s home. A worker at the hospital alerted police after the man exhibited suspicious behavior and seemingly matched the description given in the Amber Alert. When police arrived, Hogs surrendered without incident.


“This has been a hard road,” Rebecca’s mother, Melissa Schell, 36, said. “We’re just glad she’s safe.”


Detectives had been piecing together the whereabouts of Hogs after Lewis went missing. He and Lewis were seen on surveillance cameras at a nearby McDonald’s soon after the girl was reported missing on Saturday and a gas station later in the day. Authorities are unsure what supposedly caused Hogs to abduct Lewis and have yet to charge him.


Police said they would return Lewis to her family after she had been medically cleared.


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