Achievements of Imran Haque

Achievements of Imran Haque

Dr. Imran Haque is among the profoundly sought medical practitioners in North Carolina and specializes in internal medicine. Imran has been working in the health sector for quite an extended period and has through his caring nature, ensured that every patient acquires a good health. Imran treats a broad range of illnesses and has provided solutions to the various needs of his patients. Imran currently works at Horizon Internal medicine group that has a great dedication towards providing patients with services of the highest quality. Imran has an amendable educational background, and due to his hardworking nature, he successfully acquired a license to carry out his health practices in the country.

A significant number of patients in North Carolina prefer seeking Dr. Imran`s services due to his expertise and high-quality recommendations. Dr. Imran believes that customers are the primary contributors to a successful venture and through them, a firm keeps developing. As a result, he has always done his best to offer his clients with the best services and solutions to their problems.

Having studied medicine at (UNIBE), Dr. Imran attained a lot of knowledge on the field that he currently employs while carrying out his daily activities. He specialized in internal medicine and performed various cosmetic surgery operations to his clients. Being a diabetes specialist, Imran has helped his patients deal with the disease by giving them the best remedies and type of diet to observe to prevent it from becoming worse. He also encourages patients with diabetes to attend his weight loss procedures as they are a perfect way to exercise their bodies for a proper metabolism.

Dr. Imran is also a good listener, and he pays close attention to his customer’s claims, and through this, he can successfully handle a broad range of illnesses. He has also profoundly contributed to the restoration of young looking skin to his clients through his various facial surgery procedures.


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