Achievements Of Michael Burwell In The Financial Sector

Achievements Of Michael Burwell In The Financial Sector

Michael Burwell is one of the successful Certified Public Accountants who has brought a lot of transformation in the financial sector. Michael Burwell has been serving in the financial field for over 30 years. Most of his experience was attained while working at PWC. He was appointed to serve in different positions in the company due to his productive leadership in the financial of the prestigious positions that he served in is Chief Operating Officer of the organization.


Michael has contributed positively towards the success of Willis Tower Watson. He serves in the institution as the Chief Financial Officer. He was appointed to the positon aster the retirement of Roger Millay. The company will benefit from the auditing skills that he has practiced for more than 11 years. He has also provided advisory service for over 12 years. Willis Towers Watson will improve its operations through the able leadership of Michael Burwell.


The Chief Executive Officer of the company has lauded the contribution of Michael in the financial department since he was appointed as the CFO of the company. The CEO noted the company would get new clients through the leadership of Michael. Michael has introduced new technology to aid in solving financial issues that are advanced by the clients. He is confident that the long-term goals of the company will be achieved through his leadership. Burwell is committed to making sure that the clients of the company are retained through efficient service delivery. He is on the frontline in trying new things in the company. He knows that change is needed if the competition in the market is to be overcome. He has come up with new strategies that are aimed at overcoming competition in the market. He has also nurtured a competent team that will help in achieving the goals of the company.  Read This Article to learn more.


Willis Towers Watson is providing services in over 140 countries. The company has advised many organizations in investing in risky ventures. Over 40000 people have secured employment in the company. The operations of the company have been improved since Michael took over the leadership of the company. The company has started expanding its operations due to able leadership of Michael. His success in leadership is attributed to skills that he obtained at Michigan state university. He was admitted to the university to study Business Administration. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in BA from the same the same institution. Michael has been emulated by many financial experts due to his skills in the field.


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