Adam Milstein Says Jewish International Community Is Now Finding Its Greatness

Adam Milstein Says Jewish International Community Is Now Finding Its Greatness

Adam Milstein is a real estate broker who has an Israeli background and is very active in Jewish-American political discourses events that promote a strong Israel. He is also an author who writes for the Jewish News Syndicate and usually covers news on how Jewish-Americans are doing. Milstein has even been credited for his articles as one of the world’s most influential Jews.

Adam Milstein says that Israeli-Americans really actually are new in terms of how their name came about. Unlike Jewish-Americans who come from long lines of families who’ve been in America since the 18th century in some cases, Israeli-Americans are those who came to the US in the years after Israel was reestablished in 1948. Most of them had always looked at moving to America as something that was only done for short-term reasons because they didn’t feel at home there, and leaving Israel was usually something they’d be looked down on for doing. What Milstein and his groups like the Israeli-American Council have done is give these people a new purpose and bring them together with Jewish-Americans. Israelis back home have also seen the work they’ve done and consider them to be important now.

Adam Milstein grew up in Israel and had several years of service in the Israeli Defense Forces. After finishing his formal education, he moved to Los Angeles and started commercial real estate brokering. Milstein became a cofounder and managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties which owns millions in both commercial and residential property assets in four different states. But he also started several philanthropies and partnered with several others.

Adam Milstein and his wife Gila run the Milstein Family Foundation, and it was several years after starting that that the IAC was established. It started with less than 100 participants at its launch but now has branches across the US. Key partners of the IAC include AIPAC, Hillel International and StandWithUs. A huge portion of the non-profit’s participants are college students and business leaders looking for recruits, but other Jews of different age groups also are involved. Along with writing for the JNS, Milstein also writes for the HuffPost, Jerusalem Post and JTA.


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