Adam Milstein’s concern on Radicals

Adam Milstein’s concern on Radicals

Adam Milstein, founder of Adam and Gila Milstein Family, offers generous and philanthropic services which support the people of US, state of Israel and Jewish. Services provided are; accessing, funds development and contribution of funds in the areas of Jewish progress and education.

Adam Milstein writer of articles on Jewish News Syndicate (Jns). Recently wrote one on how Radical Muslims have a mission of ending and making Israel less legitimate country of the Jewish People. Malicious anti-Semitism of late has been growing mostly on the right and left radical. This has become the basis of the various Muslim movements. Even though the three foundations of anti-Semitism are from multiple cultures, they share information to strengthen detestation, biases and racism. Radical Muslims implement gays, stone women and do not respect the minority and human rights. The Radical left fails to distinguish between the central Muslims and the Radical.

The radical left views Israel as an oppressor whose primary aim is Muslims, as observed by Adam Milstein. From Elders of Zion, the influential group who have a mistake are the Jews in the Middle East and worldwide. The alliance is also supported by some political leaders, for example, Linda Sarsour, who admires how women are treated in Saudi Arabia yet act as an example on the left.

Adam Milstein talks of leftist University students who wrote a guide to the university and naming Israel as ‘white supremacist’. Focused on the complexity of anti-Semitism leftist campus students. Rallies held recently in Chicago have shown the same tendency. One was to appreciate the LGBT people; some people were banished because they had stars of David on their flags, where there was a combination of identity. Later there was also a gathering which was an objection to the sexual attack, Zionists who participated were judged by the organizers. They were then advised to attend a speech by Rasmeah Odeh, Palestinian extremist who killed Jewish pupils, she trusts that what she did was not bad and was recently banished from the states. Adam Milstein says that the life of the Jewish people is in danger worldwide.


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