Adam Sender Selling Valuable Art Collection

Adam Sender Selling Valuable Art Collection

Investors have known for years it is possible to make money off of art. Many people purchase million dollar paintings and hold onto the paintings for several decades in order to sell the painting again. However, for anyone looking to make any sort of money, continual money, off of art, it is necessary to avoid spending tens of millions of dollars on one item and instead spread it around to other pieces that are able to expand in value faster and at a greater percentage. That is exactly what Adam Sender recently did, and now he looks to reap the rewards from his valuable art collection as he looks to sell 400 different works of art over the course of the next several months.

When the economy took a downtown beginning in 2006, Adam Sender, as a financial professional, looked for other ways to invest. The stock market, mutual funds and other investment options all were dropping and would take years before starting to rise, and while precious metals started to increase in value, Adam Sender knew it would balloon out just like other markets. He wanted to put his money into something that is recession proof and into items that are always going to increase in value. That is why he decided to invest in art.

Investing in art is not simply purchasing a painting or photograph from a random individual. The work needs to be done by an up and comer. Someone who is going to prove valuable in years to come, but just doesn’t have the same kind of price tag as one of the larger, more famous painters or artists. With the help of an exhibit curator, Adam purchased hundreds of different works of art from artists his curator friend believed would drastically increase in value due to what they produced, when they produced it and the desire to have such an item. With these up and coming purchases, Adam proved able to buy works of art for hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars a piece. Several of the works are now with 20 or 30 times what Adam paid for it.

Adam is not necessarily an art lover himself, but he understands value and the increase in value. So, he would buy the works of art not by individuals who were long dead for hundreds of years, but instead he purchased material by individuals who were still alive but either were forecast to have exceptional careers or who had long careers. Now, he is looking to sell 400 works of art over the next several months and it is expected to net up several million dollars with the same of these paintings and photographs.


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