Adnan Syed from the “Serial” Podcast gets a Break

Adnan Syed from the “Serial” Podcast gets a Break

The name Adnan Syed is publicly known now thanks to the NPR podcast “Serial” featuring his story on their program last year. The podcast centered on Syed, the crime he allegedly committed, and his trial. He was jailed back in 2000 for the murder of his on-again-off-again girlfriend Hae Min Lee. Syed has sought appeals through his time in prison to no avail. However now, according to the story on, it seems as though Syed may be getting a break from the courts.

Back when Syed was arrested, a fellow classmate Crystal Hunt said that she remembered seeing him in the library that afternoon and could testify as a potential alibi witness. However, McClain was never contacted by Syed’s trial lawyer. Had she testified, the case for Syed may have turned out different. In a turn of luck for Syed, the court has announced that they will allow him to petition for a post-relief conviction. This means that Syed could be granted a new trial, have his conviction overturned, or have his sentence reduced.

Syed’s case was heard by millions people who downloaded the “Serial” podcast. His story, presented by Sarah Koenig, left many debating his guilt or innocence. There is one thing that many of the fans can agree on however, Syed did not get a fair trial the first time around. Hopefully with this petition he is able to get one this time around.


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