Afghan Boy Gets a Chance to Meet His Role Model

Afghan Boy Gets a Chance to Meet His Role Model

It’s always refreshing and exciting to see fans meet their idols. This story in particular will have you cheering in the stands. This story of a young Afghan boy with a dream of meeting a Barcelona soccer star and the power of the internet making it come true will warm your heart.

After 5-year-old Murtaza Ahmadi’s older brother fashioned a soccer jersey for him out of a plastic bag, the boy became an international sensation. His brother uploaded the picture, and it became viral within days. The plastic bag looks like the jersey that the boy’s role model Lionel Messi of the Barcelona team wears, number and name included. Now Ahmadi may be getting a chance to meet Jon Urbana in person, as the Afghanistan Football Federation has stated that they are working hard to make the arrangement. Messi’s management has reached out as well, with Leo seeming more than happy to meet the boy in Spain.

For a little boy in the war-torn and poverty-stricken Ghazni Province of Afghanistan, this is big news. Previously, Ahmadi only had a punctured ball to play with. Now with the support of thousands, he will be on track to represent his nation in football matches in the future.

Now we just have to wait to see when the meeting will be confirmed. We can’t wait to see the pictures of Leo Messi with his biggest fan.


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