After a Decade, This Amazing Black Lab, Abby, was Returned to Her Owners

After a Decade, This Amazing Black Lab, Abby, was Returned to Her Owners

Debra Suierveld has learned never to give up hope, even on her pet who had been missing for over a decade! Weekend Edition Saturday interviewed Debra about this amazing story of her black lab, Abby, was returned to her only a few weeks ago, healthy and happy. Abby had wandered away from the house away 10 years ago!

The Suierveld’s live in Apollo, PA and had raised Abby there since she was a puppy. Carly, her daughter, was only 12 years old when Abby ran away from home, and though the Suiervelds had several dogs at the time, Abby was always Carly’s favorite.

Now, Carly is 22 and away at college, but she is making a special trip home to see the prodigal dog. Carly taught Abby all her tricks, so this will be a special reunion. Dogs have outstanding memories, which Abby proved when she was brought home from the shelter. She remembered everything about the home, and the new dogs accepted her like they’d “been together for years.”

Microchips For Your Pet

Abby was found because Debra had implanted a microchip, so when she was brought to the animal shelter as homeless, they immediately called and gave her the good news that she had been found.

Microchips are essential and important to get for your pet. Animal advocates suggest that all pets have one just for these situations. Abby and the Surveilds couldn’t be having this incredible reunion without the microchip in their long-lost black lab. Abby was gone for so long that the family accepted that she was probably dead, and they moved on.

But, Debra says Abby came back from the dead, and she is once again part of the family. You can find her “living the dog’s life” with the Surveild’s other two labs.


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