Alex Hern Explains The In’s And Out’s Of Virtual Reality

Alex Hern Explains The In’s And Out’s Of Virtual Reality

The in’s and out’s of virtual reality are often difficult to understand for those who have not spent much time exploring the latest uses of this form of technology. With the VR market expected to rise to be worth more than $209 billion by 2022, the co-founder and CEO of Tsunami XR, Alex hern hopes to make people aware of the many options this technology offers. Read more about Alex Hern at


Alex Hern has been using his platform as a respected technology investor to make sure potential users understand what this new piece of software has to offer the world. Virtual reality takes the user into a digital, simulated environment which can be used for practical learning experiences or to build fun environments for gaming. The latest breakthroughs in virtual reality reported by Alex Hern take in the sense of vision, sound, and touch to a high level.


Alex Hern believes the next barrier his own Tsunami XR brand and others in this technology sector are exploring are the use of taste and smell in digital worlds. So far, the majority of virtual reality uses the senses of taste and smell have been limited to the 1960s “smell-o-vision” used for B-movies. Hern points to recent research from Tokyo University and the University of Ottowa where the use of smell was found to provide a greater sense of being in the physical environment than just using sound, sight, and touch. Visit Tsunamixr to learn more.


The Tsunami XR CEO believes every aspect of virtual reality is set to improve over the next few years with sound and vision options already reproduced impressively. Touch is a sense often difficult to create Online with many experiences little removed from the 1990s Nintendo 64 rumble pack. Alex Hern believes the vast sums of money pouring into virtual reality sector will see the next breakthroughs come in terms of touch followed by taste and smell.



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