Alex Pall Home Receives Star Treatment

Alex Pall Home Receives Star Treatment

Peti Lau is a lauded interior designer from New York. She is well known for her innovative style many have dubbed, “AristoFreak”. Her signature style has marked numerous residences and restaurants from here to Thailand and back. The signature style blends both local and international influence into a bohemian/aristocratic combo. It always receives a warm reception wherever she applies, and most recently that application was at the Hollywood Hills home of Alex Pall.


Pall makes up one half of popular EDM band the Chainsmokers. His 3,600 square foot home was recently featuring for its eclectic style, a style that emulates the eclectic style of its owner. Built in 1930 the home already had some great aspects for Lau to play with. Renovations done in both the 80’s and the 90’s also allowed to merge the style of the intersecting decades. Lau decided to give the home’s interior its own specific environment, using Pall’s collection of contemporary art as a focal point. Now Pall’s domicile is catching as many headlines as the artist himself.



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Alex Pall, along with cohort Andrew Taggart, has enjoyed mainstream success for four years now. The Chainsmokers debuted in 2014 with hit single, “#Selfie”. Since then they have established themselves as a leading force in the EDM genre. In an interview Alex Pall conducted after the release of 2016 single “Closer”, he and his cohort Andrew Taggart talked about their quest for artistry. “It’s about discovering who we are,” Pall stated. “We have become so much bigger than we imagined.” Pall and Taggart only formed the Chainsmokers two years before “#Selfie” hit. Now the duo has released their fifth single for the year, their first album is still topping the charts, and they are preparing for the release of their second studio album. It looks to be a banner year for the duo, and if proof is needed just look at Pall’s home. Only really successful people have magazine articles made about their home.


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