Amazing Kabbalah Teachings on Gods Understanding and Connection

Amazing Kabbalah Teachings on Gods Understanding and Connection

The Kabbalah Center is a renowned American non-profit organization. This organization has its main offices located in Los Angelos, California. Furthermore, it has other offices in different areas of Asia, North America, South America and Europe. The Kabbalah Center offers Kabbalistic teachings that focus on Zohar and majorly aim at improving the lives of the students. Most of the teachings are conducted through online means, study groups as well as city and regional based centers. This has made it possible for students to access the teachings as they please. Originally, this organization was established by Rav Yehuda Ashlag in 1922. However, in 1965, Rav Philip Berg officially established Kabbalah Center in the United States as the prominent National Research Institute of Kabbalah. Upon the death of Philip Berg, his children and wife took over as the head directors of the successful organization.

How The Teachings Enrich People’s Lives

Kabbalah teachings touch on distinct aspects in the world. Additionally, the center strongly believes that all religions are subparts of the universal wisdom. Following this reason,You can also learn how Kabbalah keeps on growing and they also believes that religion such as Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and Islam resemble their sect. This organization does not view itself as a mere supplement or superior to the existing religions. It believes that human’s five senses only indicate a percentage of the whole reality of the world, and the remaining 99% is not easily revealed by the senses. Additionally, Kabbalah believes that human beings should be much concerned with the relationship they have with the presence and essence of God. The Kabbalah believes that God is omniscient, meaning he is beyond the understanding of human beings. Furthermore, the organization believes that Judaism has had an impact in incorporating different knowledge about astrology into their teachings. Most Jewish scholars and experts studied astrology during the middle age. The teachings of Kabbalah believe that cosmic forces influence most of the things that occur and recur in the world.


Yehuda Berg, who is a former teacher of Kabbalah Centre International – YouTube once wrote an interesting book majorly focusing on the teachings about sex. He also went ahead to write that God’s essence comes from sex that occurs in Saturday morning and after midday. Currently, Kabbalah can be studied by anyone regardless of ethnicity, gender and religion. The information and knowledge of Kabbalah can assist people glean great insights thus enabling them understand clearly their life path and purpose.


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