Amicus Therapeutics Believes in the Fight

Amicus Therapeutics Believes in the Fight

Amicus Therapeutics is a nationally recognized biopharmaceutical company. The Us company’s headquarters is located in the state of New Jersey. Amicus Therapeutics focuses specifically on the treatment of rare and orphan diseases such as lysosomal storage disorders. However, Amicus is in the midst of developing several treatments for a variety of genetic diseases.

Amicus  Therapeutics quickly gained traction in biotechnology and has become one of leading companies in the industry. It excels because it truly cares about the members of the public it serves. It never looks to take advantage of its patients trust for profit. The company develops and sustains meaningful and long lasting relationships with patients. Getting to know a patient personally is a part of Amicus’ culture.

Amicius takes a great deal of pride in what it does. It is passionate about helping others improve their lives. It goes well out of its way to make sure nothing comes before its dedication to the patients. It is important that it operates with the highest level of integrity possible.

Amicus has been heralded for its work with pharmacological chaperones. No biopharmaceutical company in the history of the industry has mad more breakthroughs working with the small molecule.

It’s amazing what it has accomplished considering it doesn’t truly possess a lead market product. Its flagship product with the potential to become its first marketed product is Migalastat. The pharmacological chaperone treatment targets genetic mutations in patients diagnosed with Fabry disease.

Amicus Therapeutics gives support to patients suffering from rare and orphan diseases that the rest of the medical community overlooks. It has an incredible drive to invoke innovation and healing. No matter what accolades it may receive the company is constantly striving to better itself.


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