An Alabama’s Woman’s Inspirational Story of Survival

An Alabama’s Woman’s Inspirational Story of Survival

Imagine finding yourself lost in the woods disorientated and injured. This almost sounds like the synopsis of a thriller movie. However, for a 45-year-old Alabama woman, this was reality. Lisa Holman was missing for more than a day and a half. Law enforcement had found her automobile crashed Friday night at around 9 PM. However, Lisa was nowhere to be found.

Understandably, her friends and family members were concerned about her. Law enforcement immediately set out to find her. Volunteer teams were formed and the desperate search was on. Technology, including drone technology, was used in the search. However, 24 hours into the search, Lisa was nowhere to be seen. By the end of the day on Saturday, law enforcement decided to suspend the search.

You can only imagine how heart-wrenching that moment must have been for Lisa’s friends and family. Where was she? Was she injured? Was she still alive? These had to be the questions that were going through the family’s minds as Saturday night came to a close.

Sunday morning the police department released a statement saying that Lisa had been found in the woods. She was alive, she was cognizant, and she was able to actually walk out to the first responders who were there to help her. Unfortunately, Lisa was not without injury. She had broken a few bones, and there appears to have been some gaps in her memory.

Police, Lisa’s family, and even Lisa herself are likely working together to try to piece together what happened between Friday evening and Sunday morning when Lisa was found. Something that is unquestionable is the fact that Lisa is a tough woman. It is inspirational to think that she was able to stay alive, keep herself going, and survive despite her injuries and despite the weather conditions.

Undoubtedly, the 36 hours that Lisa was missing were some of the most stressful and emotional for a family. Getting that phone call Sunday morning that Lisa had been found must have felt like a miracle.


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