An Unexpected Gift

An Unexpected Gift

In a recent inspirational post published by the BBC News Outlet, Bailey Sanders discussed her emotional response to receiving her final love letter from her now deceased father. Sander’s father passed away from cancer several years ago, leaving both Baily and her mother with an enormous loss. Sanders stated, in the piece, that she missed her father dearly and looked forward to the time where she would reunite with him in eternal life. Sander’s Instagram post, where the final letter was originally posted, received hundreds of thousands of comments, with users posting well wishes and laments for Bailey and her immediate family.

According to the BBC News, Sanders and her family understood that death was imminent for Bailey’s father for months before the event occurred. After receiving the opinion of medical professionals that he would likely not survive another year, Bailey’s father decided to use his remaining time to pen heart warming letters to Bailey that she would receive on each of her birthdays until she became 21 years old. Because Bailey turned 21 years old shortly before the publication of this news article, this would be her final letter from her deceased father. This fact caused a massive outpouring of support from the general public.

In the final letter, Bailey’s father expressed his joy that his daughter had reached the mature age of 21 years old. He requested that she not weep over his loss because he was now in a better place than the one he left behind. He also asked his daughter to live life as fully and authentically as possible and to hope for their eternal reunion. Sanders expressed that the final letter was bittersweet because she greatly missed her father and would miss receiving letters from him with each passing year. She also expressed her intention to be obedient to his final wishes.


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