Andrew Rocklage: Bringing Innovation to Pharmaceutical Industry

Andrew Rocklage: Bringing Innovation to Pharmaceutical Industry

Andrew Rocklage is widely known and famous in pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical sectors. He is an attorney and an excellent manager in the pharmaceutical industry. He has been able to set up his business as well. He owns Sky Zone Trampoline Park, a firm he had founded some years ago. Andrew has also a huge stake in pharmaceutical industry as he has ventured as a partner with 5AM Ventures, which is a leading medicine company in the country. Besides his education training in Law, Andrew is also an excellent and promising businessman, an area in which he has garnered immense wealth and fame. He has become a leading business figure in his native city of Boston. With the founding the Sky Zone Trampoline Park, he became the owner of one of the most spacious and elegant indoor trampolines in the country.



Andrew’s career in business reached another milestone when he recently joined 5AM Ventures as its business partner. The 5AM Venture is a leading pharmaceutical firm that has, over the years, developed special expertise in producing biotechnological products and medicine companies. The company is a valued addition to the pharmaceutical industry. It has a dedicated belief in bringing innovation and imparting advanced research studies to pharmaceutical industry.



Besides his investing his energies in developing business, Andrew is also a thriving attorney. He provides his valued corporate consultancy to EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals, a big and standardized pharmaceutical company. He has also a vast experience in the field of technology, which he gained through years of association with the industry. Andrew’s immense experience and excellent understanding of technology has won him widespread approbation. He has also brought innovation to the technology sector. It is a very rare for person to get educational training in one subject and develop a successful career in altogether different field. However, Andrew’s success in business shows that he skillfully translated his acumen in legal matters into innovative business strategies. For this multi-layered intelligence, Andrew is widely respected both in legal and business fraternities.



Andrew has an extensive professional experience in pharmaceutical industry. He has served as the CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, one of the most advanced medicine-producing firms in the country. During his association with the Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Andrew implemented the company’s policy of producing advanced healthcare medicines, including the new antibiotic medicine, Cubicin. It was because of his immense experience in managing and implementing various advanced strategies in Cubist Pharmaceuticals that started business by joining 5AM Ventures as a business partner.



Moreover, Andrew Rocklage has worked with several other companies during his long career in pharmaceutical sector. He has remained an active part of several teams that have earned huge revenues of more than $5 million. Andrew was a part of the team at Cubist Pharmaceuticals that made $5 million in revenues for the company.





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