Andrew Rolfe, Ubuntu Education Fund and Online Communication Resources and Support

Andrew Rolfe, Ubuntu Education Fund and Online Communication Resources and Support

Information about the Ubuntu education fund can be found online on a number of different sites. It’s official site has details that explains how people can get involved with these charitable efforts as well as how they can donate. For those who are interested in getting started with a donation, its selective community needs or a regular job that can help support this cause, there is an official site that publishes everything that is going on today about Andrew Rolfe, others and more. Starting with information about the Ubuntu model and how it helps poor children with their education, health issues, and other needs that will assist them in getting out of financial hardships in the future. Other related sites will also address the board of directors and its current members like Andrew Rolfe.


Andrew Rolfe and others can be found on the site Meaning anyone who wants to know who is currently participating from a higher level position, they can review this site to see who all of board of directors are as it relate to the areas in which they currently support.


To support the model that has been presented, people who want to get connected and stay connected can follow up with Unbuntufund and Andrew Rolf on Facebook, Youtube, Instragram, twitter and the official blog. The official blog and other communication vehicles will give people on the outside of this organization an opportunity to ask questions, contribute to any ongoing dialogue about the organization, and have a chance to review its board or directors like Andrew Rolfe and the like. All of which is essential to making sure everyone involved stays up to date with what is going on, While also making sure those who need the help most will receive the assistance that they need. Additionally, with all of the communication that is being provided via all of the communication tools, people have an opportunity to become familiar with the Ubuntu Education Fund model and any aid that is needed for immediate support. Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Fund community are available online for those who are interested in helping with this cause.


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