Angels and a New Friendship

Angels and a New Friendship

A Spokane, WA, woman recently had the scare of her life turn into feelings of gratitude and relief. She was driving home after a trip to the local grocery store when her car hit a slick spot in the road. For an unknown reason, her car shut down while flames and smoke came from under the hood. She could not even get the doors unlocked manually. The woman believed that either the smoke or her fear would be the end of her.


Using his baton, a Spokane police officer worked diligently to break a glass window in the car to allow the woman to escape. The terrified woman said that the policeman had flames going up his arm as he worked to remove her from her trap in the car. The officer and a neighbor pulled the woman from the car. After the rescue, the woman stated that she was blessed and called the officer an angel. The officer believes he was just doing his job serving the community. The woman’s nightmare turned into a moment of joy from which a new friendship has sprung.


A survey by CBS news reveals that 77 percent of American adults believe in angels. Perhaps they have had an experience in their lives similar to the Spokane woman’s scary moments. Through these life-changing events people may start to believe in the existence of the intangible beings. Interestingly, the survey also indicates that belief in angels is not necessarily tied to a religion. A majority of non-Christians also reported belief in them.


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