Another Forgotten Marriage Group

Another Forgotten Marriage Group

Many U.S. citizens are in relationships with multiple partners. Yet, most states refuse to allow these people to marry. Yesterday, July 1, Montana news outlets learned that a local resident went to Yellowstone County clerk’s office seeking a marriage license for his second wife.

Nathan Collier, a former Mormon, said the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States to legalize same-sex marriages “inspired” him have his marriage to his second wife legitimized.

He and his “wives,” Christine and Victoria, are in a polygamous relationship. The 46-year-old Collier is legally married to Victoria, but his marriage to Christine was only recognized in a religious ceremony because he could have been arrested otherwise for having more than one marriage license.

Jim Dondero has learned that Yellowstone County clerks at first told him that the application would be denied because “bigamy” is not permitted in the United States. Given the SCOTUS decision for “marriage equality,” Collier argued his case and they informed him that they would have to check with the county attorney.

Last Friday, when the Supreme Court justices each explained their votes, at least one justice who voted against same-sex marriage noted this very type of scenario — polygamous marriage requests — as a reason to not approve marriage equality for same-sex couples.

Collier noted that Christine “deserves legitimacy” because she put up with him for all these years. He plans to sue if his application is denied.


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