Anthony Toma And Nine9, Opening Doors Through Innovation

Anthony Toma And Nine9, Opening Doors Through Innovation

Nine9, the unagency

Started in 2003, Nine9 is unique in that it realized that 99% of models and actors are unrepresented by an agency. With that knowledge, Anthony Toma started the Nine9 Talent Agency to provide support to actors and models with the ambition, talent and drive to become successful. See Photos .

A Fresh New Concept For The Industry

Integrating technology with the use of advanced casting recognition software, and incorporating online 24/7 alerts gives Nine9 clients a definite edge within the cutthroat entertainment industry of today. With a knowledgeable staff, and over ten years of experience Nine9 provides integral education, representation and a wide range of opportunity for the blossoming talent of today. All within a commission free service. Read Nine9 Blog Here .

Knowledge is powerful

Monthly workshops and a talent benefits program that utilize select businesses in each market provides every new client with knowledge and power to become successful. Nine9 is a recognized pioneer within the entertainment industry. With successful castings in print, runway, commercial and advertising campaigns. To television and film castings, Nine9 is devoted to attracting dedicated new clients by offering a thorough talent evaluation process matching new talent with individualized attention for optimal success.

Who is Anthony Toma, the CEO of Nine9?

Dad, Entrepreneur, and successful business leader Anthony Toma shares his success in an article from this months IDEAMENSCH. Anthony Toma is an established professional,having worked with numerous entertainment professionals, and is himself a revolutionary leader in the entertainment industry. He remembers the concept of Nine9 first came to him while he was working in the grocery business. He was initially looking for franchise opportunities in the food industry that already had structured elements on the business side. He stumbled upon a franchise working with models and actors, based in Orlando, Florida. He fell in love with the Industry, and incorporated his own innovations into establishing what is now Nine9. He credits his success with being a good listener, making sure that he facilitates all of the necessary tools and resources that clients and employees alike need to help grow the company and deliver the finest product in the industry. Nine9 at Linkedin .


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