Argentina’s Perfect Pairing With Highland Capital

Argentina’s Perfect Pairing With Highland Capital

A recent Bloomberg article announces big news coming from Argentina. The country moves to sell of its debt and return to international markets. With that in mind Highland Capital Management looks to make big profits as they begin to pay off Argentina’s debt.

The March article by Bloomgberg,, quotes Argentinean leaders and the strategy they have in hopes of exiting default. With the lifting of the ban prohibiting Argentina from selling its debt, eager corporations look to earn big. One such company, Highland Capital Management led by James Dondero, estimates to earn around 3.3 percent in returns as they help Argentina exit out of debt. The CEO goes on to express his interest in long term goals with the country, hoping to establish the Argentina Fund once the country’s debt is paid.

The founder of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero has been a visionary of the business world. An alumnus of the University of Virginia, Jim graduated with a Masters in business finance and is also a certified analyst. From the mid-1980’s Jim career in business officially began as an analyst for American Express. Later he served as Chief Investor of Protective GIC’s subsidiary.
A young innovator and entrepreneur, James Dondero founded Highland Capital in 1993 with the desire to change the market. Keeping up with successful trends, Highland Capital Management holds over 20 billion dollars in assets through Jim’s pioneering Collateralized Loan Obligation. Thanks to Jim’s 30 years of experience, Highland Capital looks to keep remaining successful through changing times.

With 12 billion dollars on the table it is no wonder that so many companies are seeing big profits with Argentina. As the country moves to sell its debt and return to the business sector Highland Capital hopes to see big returns as they buy the country’s debt and move towards the future. At the helm of Highland Capital, James Dondero has always looked ahead when making big financial decisions, and Argentina is no exception.