Authoritarianism in Turkey

Authoritarianism in Turkey

The Human Rights Foundation is calling for the urgent release of 2 journalists, Can Dündar, and Erdem Gül. The foundation is also asking the Turkey government to drop the charged labeled on the two. The two journalists were put in custody because of a criminal case filled by the president of Turkey, Rcep Tayyip Erdogan. The journalists work for the Cumhuriyet newspaper. The Turkey president has complained because of a report published by the journalists in the newspaper on May 29, 2015. The report had photos and some video footage saying that the National Intelligence Organization in Turkey was secretly arming some rebel Islamist groups in Syria. They are being held at the Silivri, a high-security prison located at west of Istanbul. The journalists are awaiting their trial, and if found guilty, they might spend their whole lives in prison.

Authoritarianism has risen significantly in Turkey in the recent years. The current president’s government has cracked down the independent journalists, and this shows signs of dictatorship on Turkey’s media. According to the president of Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen, the two journalists might spend their lives in jail just because they reported a public interest matter concerning the government. According to Thor, a journalist from any part of part of the world should do their work without fearing criminal prosecution. The Turkey president should ensure that the journalists are released, and their charges dropped.

Istanbul vice chief public prosecutor on 27 January indicated that the two journalists deserve a life imprisonment or 30 years in jail. The prosecutor said that the journalists had used gathered secret government documents in order to use them for political and military exploitation. The two are also charged with deliberately supporting a terror organization.

Before being transferred into the same sale, the two journalists had to spend 40 days in solitary. They were also not allowed most prison visitations. However, on January, 11 international human rights activists and organizations partnered and submitted a visitation request to the justice ministry. The request was denied, forcing delegates from this coalition to travel to Turkey, to demonstrate outside the prison.

Thor Havvorssen is a human rights advocate and also a film producer. He is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation, and he is considered by many as the voice for the powerless people in the society. He started this great job when he was only a teenager, and since then, he has helped very many people.