Avaaz Remains True to its Mission of Uniting Idealists Across the Globe

Avaaz Remains True to its Mission of Uniting Idealists Across the Globe

Avaaz, a Persian word for ‘voice’ or ‘song,’ is an American civic group aimed at promoting global advocacy for issues like climate change and poverty. The group also fosters advocacy for human rights, corruption, conflict, and animal rights. Avaaz attributes its success to its co-founders, MoveOn.org and Res Publica.



MoveOn.org is a non-profit activist group that promotes public policy initiatives. Res Publica, on the other hand, is an association of public sector practitioners with a dedication to fostering deliberative democracy, good governance, and civic virtue. Service Employees International Union also supports Avaaz.

Avaaz’s individual co-founders include Ricken Patel, Jeremy Heimans, Tom Perriello, Tom Pravda, Eli Pariser, Andrea Woodhouse, and David Madden. The group’s board comprises of Ricken Patel, the president, Eli Pariser, the chairperson, Ben Brandzel, the treasurer, and Tom Pravda, the secretary and read full article.



Avaaz’s mission is to unite practical idealists from different parts of the world. According to Ricken Patel, the organization strives to bridge the gap between the world people perceive and the world that we have. Avaaz’s activism activities are considered progressive. This is because they call for action on challenging Monsanto, supporting refugees globally, and climate change.


Funding and campaigns

Avaaz relies on funds donated by generous members. As of 2009, the organization declined donations from corporations and foundations that amount to $5,000. Before 2009, Avaaz relied on outside donors to get funds for operations and paying staff. The organization has managed to raise more than $20 million from the generosity of its partners and members and learn more about Avaaz.

Avaaz relies on campaigners based in over 30 countries to manage its campaigns. The countries include India, Brazil, Lebanon, and the UK. These campaigners keep in touch with Avaaz’s members through e-mail. They also use campaigning tactics and tools such as the “email-your-leader” tool, videos, and online public petitions. Avaaz’s members usually give suggestions on the contents of campaigns and Avaaz’s lacrosse camp.

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