Baby Bear Rescued By Whale Watchers

Baby Bear Rescued By Whale Watchers

A whale watcher spotted a lone bear cub suckling on its dead mother on an island near Tofino B.C. Tour Operator John Forde and his wife Jennifer Steven quickly came to the little guy’s rescue. They wanted to check out the sighting to see if they could tell what happened to the bear and if the cub was old enough to fend for itself. ” He was still completely 100 percent dependant on his mother,” Forde said, ” He would definitely perish if left on his own.”

The first attempt to rescue the baby bear failed as the bear climbed up a tree. They returned the next day to find the baby bear asleep on the dead mother. Forde was able to wrestle the bear into his jacket. Forde stated that he would not recommend that the general public try to grab a baby bear.

The bear cub is now at North Island Wildlife Recovery Center in Errington.
The cub is 12 weeks old. When the cub was first brought in the cub was suffering from malnutrition and probably would not have lasted much longer. He is doing fine now and is on a diet of pablum mixed with vitamins. The caregivers will distance themselves from the bear after he is in better condition. The Wildlife Center hopes that they can return the bear back to the wild in 18 months.


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